Becker's nevus treatment


Your letter is very depressing to me. I am a mom with a very pretty and
petite daughter who is a dancer and also very smart. She has a patch on her
shoulder, and you can see it when she wears a dance costume. She is only in
middle school, and it isn’t very dark right now, but I understand that it
gets worse over time as she grows up. I am very upset and sad to hear how
you feel and how your life is affected. I hope you know that you are a
loveable and desirable person and you shouldn’t feel that you will be
rejected. As a woman, I know for a fact that women do not judge bodies like
men do. You must trust someone to love you the way you are. But I also
know that if you are affected so badly, how much worse will it be for my
daughter when men judge the body so critically and can’t see past that?
Would you date a girl with a nevus? I am wondering if there is anything
your family could have done differently to make you feel more confident?
Did they joke around about it? If your family could have supported you
better, please tell me in what way so that I won’t make the same mistakes.
But believe me, you have to trust a woman to love you and I guarantee that
the right person will see past that. If your nevus is on the trunk, you
should wear a rash guard when you swim. Those look good and keep you from
getting skin cancer, plus nobody will see the nevus. My daughter has a cute
hot pink rash guard and she looks really good and very sporty in it.

Best wishes to you…

I was wondering if anyone here treated their Beckers Nevus with the Medlite C6 laser? If so, was it helpful? I’ve been currently undergoing some IPL treatments. I had 1 treatment and it did lighten a little bit. I’m not sure if its worth the money to treat it with IPL. I haven’t heard of anyone treating the Becker’s Nevus with IPL. However, the yag laser seems to leave a brown bruising mark. There’s also a Apogee Alexandrite laser. Has anyone try that yet? I would appreciate any help.

If you feel self conscious, you might consider covering up your Beckers Nevus with a product called Dermablend. I haven’t used it for my Beckers Nevus yet, but I have with my port wine stain. It covers it up, but I can still tell theres a powder there. However, maybe some of the females here can elaborate on cover makeup and etc.

Hi Ames,

Thank you for the kind words. As I said earlier I’ve never really had an in depth discussion about it. The older I get, the more confidence I have that I will find someone eventually, although it may be like finding a needle in a haystack! As for advice about what to do with your daughter. I think the fact that you are on this website and asking all the right questions is already enough. You are obviously already recognize the social impact this mark could have on her life, and that is a great start. I think in my situation, my parents don’t seem to have recognized that and so therefore cannot put 2 and 2 together as to why my love life has never really flourished.

It also could be more mental if what you say is true in that women look at bodies far differently to men. I think if you mentally feel self-conscious about the BN, then you are subconsciously giving off the wrong signals to the opposite sex. I do believe that alot of girls think that i am not interested in them alot of the time, just because of this! It is one to work on and no time like the present.

Recognize that I like your daughter are perfectly healthy normal individuals who are growing up in a body perfect society. Anything abnormal is not often talked about in the media, more laughed at. I suppose there lies the root of fear that we have of exposing ourselves. I am not particularly depressed (at least I don’t think so) and generally quite happy, so long as I’ve got my clothes on! I would talk to your daughter and listen to her hopes and fears like any good mother would.

I will write again sometime in the not too distant future!

Hi I’m a 23yr old female and have a becker’s nevus on my right breast. Just to give the female view on this topic. Basically the same things are true w/ girls and this condition. Going swimming is horrible when I was younger I didn’t really mind because your just wanting to have fun and don’t really care what you look like at that age but as I’ve grown older I’ve grown to dread the pool which is horrible because swimming is 1 of my favorite things to do.

I can’t wear triangle tops like 90% of other women and the only suit that hides it looks like a granny suit which it is hard to find any like that looks good on a 23yr old. Every guy I’ve ever dated has said they have been find with my becker’s nevus but again like other posts I’ve read none of them have stuck around. Most of my friends don’t know about it but a couple that do are supportive and say that you can’t really even tell which I know is a lie but at least they try.

I used to think it would just go away and then basically all the doctors I’ve seen said there is no cure and the laser treatment pictures I’ve seen the after doesn’t look any different than the before so I’ve pretty much figured out this is how I’m going to be.

Hi Wefanie1,

Wow, your experiences are just like mine. Although depressing, a problem shared is a problem halved. I think that it is about time to talk about the problems this condition causes as it is far too often brushed under the carpet by the doctors. However, I can understand the doctors as they cannot really do anything about it (at this point in time).

As I am medically trained myself, i can understand the treatment process. I am often the one telling patients that there is nothing that can be done for other conditions too! I think we believe that we are so scientifically advanced that we should be able to solve all of life’s medical problems, but unfortunately the reality is far from it. However, I have heard a long time ago of growing organs from stem cells. Skin being a very large organ would be top priority for 1st degree burn victims etc. As a spin off we Becker’s Naevus sufferers would be able to benefit. For now, knowing and corresponding to other people like yourself is offering a great release valve. Just for the fact that i think we all have a tendency to bottle it all up and hope it will go away!

Please keep on writing about your experiences as I think they are very helpful to people who have not yet been brave enough to write anything. God knows what what have happened to us if the internet had not been invented!

If Ames is reading this, then there are 2 girls who have written with experiences of growing up with a Becker’s Naevus. Maybe they can offer more female friendly advice?

Thank you everybody for being so honest!

What lasers have you tried to used to try to remove the beckers nevus? I’ve used the Qyag5 by Palomar to treat it. It left my skin with a brown color. This other doctor I’ve been seeing is currently using IPL. However, I felt this treatment probably wouldn’t work. My beckers nevus has lightened a bit with IPL. Another doctor suggested I used the Medlite c6 yag laser. I’m not sure if I should save my money and forget about all this.

Hi Dahon,

The doctor used a Ruby laser. I’m not sure of the specifications of the others, but this was suggested as i am of asian decent. Anyway, at higher temperatures my skin scarred, and the scar is there to this day. The rest was treated several times all over with lower power levels, but it still looks the same today. Mine isn’t hairy at all, but then I’m not a hairy person. Hope this is of help to you.

Also tried homeopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, western medicine and ointments, lotions and potions. Also tried chi kung training (10 years+ of) and this has made me feel internally better, but not made a jot of difference to the skin appearance.

Cost me alot of money for all this, but I suppose you have to go through it all just to make sure that it doesn’t work?!

How have you found living with it?

I’m of Asian descent also. I saw a doctor 12+ years ago. He’s top in his field. He did the yag laser on me and it left scaring also. Part of my skin is red. My beckers nevus is on my right arm. It’s huge. It’s a little hairy, although nothing I can’t manage. I don’t wear short sleeve shirts in the summer, because I found people staring at it and looking at it. I look like a burn victim. I’m not sure why these lasers would leave scaring or a browning effect, because a lot of doctors use it to remove tatoos.

Hi to all of you, I have becker’s nevus on my left shoulder. I really want to cover it and is a real problem for me. Can you please tell me, how dangerous is to make a tattoo over it? I have asked many doctors and non of them said for sure what to do. They just said “better not”. Have you ever seen someone that made a tattoo over a Becker’s nevus and face any kind of problems? I want to take my chances if there is any possibility to cover it. Thanks and take care.

Hi Nick Cave,

I must admit tatooing over the naevus has crossed my mind. I have not yet seen any pictures or had any recommendations. It probably also depends on where it is. If it goes up onto your face you end up with a George Clooney (From Dusk to Dawn) kind of tattoo? I don’t know. It would be nice if anyone who has done this would write of their experiences and what to look out for, best designs and other stuff.

I suppose looking like you are part of some gang is preferable to being stared at for other reasons??? Who knows! Discuss.

Hi “Ball”. Yeah, better to look like a gang member, haha! Anyway if anyone made a tattoo over a BN would be really helpfull if he/she share his experience with us, or… wait for me in a few weeks. I have it on my left shoulder in a place that most of the tattoos are made, so it’s cool. The only problem is that i don’t want it to turn in something different and much more dangerous than the nevus itself… :confused: Take care

To be honest, I don’t think stuff like this will work. Initially when I had my beckers nevus, the doctor gave me some hydroquinone cream, but that failed to work.

Hi i'm an indian girl and i had got my Becker nevus birthmark removed from my right arm, believe me doc took 10,000rs/session. Doc used 2 lasers one was fractional Co2 laser and another was switched Nd yac (medlite). Co2 combo density 10-15%,energy 40-50%. Medlite 1064, 4mm 2.5H2,3.0kj

I notice that thiospost is used in the EU. I am wondering if it is FDA
approved here in the US. Sometimes the EU approves things without as much
safety testing. If it does work, it looks like you would need to continue
to use the cream over time, which might be very pricey. A very interesting
site, though, I am wondering if anyone has tried this? It might be
reasonable to ask the dermatologist about this substance.


While browsing the web for information about BN, i landed on this site:

where a user was talking about a “pigmentation treatment which can overcome this problem significantly, reducing the size of dark spots and also one which has been shown to work in 80% of cases. It is called Thiospot and is available from this brilliant pigmentation treatment website.”

Here’s the website for Thiospot:

Is there anyone who have tried something similar and who can give us feedback?


I’m just wondering if you have covered up ur bn w/ a tattoo yet? I want to do that myself. But I’m also worried that the outcome might be worse then what it is now. Please keep me posted.


Have any of you guys tried Permanent makeup? It’s another option. I haven’t looked into it though myself. It’s not permanent though. It only lasts three years I think, because the makeup fades in time.

micropigmentation (Permanent Make Up)

Intradermal Pigmentation is a revolutionary method of applying micro insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This state of the art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. Intradermal Pigmentation is used for a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner.

Cosmetic procedure includes Vitaligo, stretch marks, scar camouflage, areola restoration and hairline enhancement.

What is permanent make-up made of?

Permanent make-up consists of fine particles of iron oxide based pigment compounds which are placed precisely within the middle skin layer to provide color. The most advanced pigments are used which are fully dermatologist approved. The pigments are individually mixed to provide customized results.

Is implantation of pigment safe?

Yes - The pigment used is made from iron oxide - a safe, non-reactive substance approved for use by dermatologists. The procedure does not harm the skin or damage existing hair.

How many treatments are required?

Typically 2 treatment sessions are required and these are placed one or more weeks apart. Truly professional artistic implantation takes time and several steps to achieve the final results. Pigments are mixed to closely match the natural skin tone or hair color. Darker color can always be increased during subsequent visits. The creation of a natural hair pattern such as in the eyebrows requires the expertise of an experienced pigment specialist.

What happens after treatment?

The treated area should be kept clean but not scrubbed. Excess pigment on the skin surface will be shed without disturbing the implanted pigment. The skin returns to normal the next day.

Is the procedure painful?

There is very mild discomfort during the treatment session, which can be easily prevented with the application of topical and/or local anesthesia. The procedure is usually done in the office setting often with the use of magnification to provide precise placement of the pigment.

Is permanent make-up harmful?

No, it is exceptionally safe when performed by a qualified pigment specialist. Strong colors are usually avoided except in special circumstances as they often go out of style quickly. Remember that this is an extended wear permanent procedure, which is designed to look natural. It is intended to enhance the lash lines, brows and lips without replacing the ability to use make-up.


I’m a woman, 38 yrs old. I also have a BN but no hair.

The treatment I used is on the “women with BN” discussion. Just look for it guys.

Try the Shiseido Haku Melafocus W. My dermatologist here in Japan told me that it inhibits the formation of melanin and fades freckles and any other dark spots.I’m been using it for almost a month now and I think it works.

The 20g is almost ¥3,700 and the 45g is ¥7,600.

Hi friends… i am sarang… i am 20 yr old.

I have becker’s nevus on my left sholder and somewhat on neck.
i did so much research on it…bet found nothing…my question for you all

Is that laser treatmest really effective??

It is depend on type of skin or what…?? can anyone tell me…??

I feel very sad when someone ask me about it…i use to avoid that i hv a nevus on my shoulder…just for to be happy…!!!

What can I do about it?

Has anyone here tried laser treatment?

Hi! This is Shivani.I too have a becker nervus on my left shoulder and it is affecting me a lot.Can you please let me know from where you got it(doctor’s address)done and has it gone now?