Breathing noise

have any of your children been born with trachea maylasia ? I want to know if there is a connection with ACC.


jaquays wrote:

Neither one of my children have been diagnosed with anything like that. My oldest son, does “snore” but he aspirates a little and I have always associated the snoring with that. My other son sleeps very quietly.

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When I was younger, I had my aenoids removed to help with my breathing at night. I do not know if I had a medical condition with this problem.

My son snored from the day we brought him home from the hospital. We thought it was a bit silly to hear our newborn snore but didn’t think much of it as he was a very sound sleeper. Then when he was 15 months old and had continual ear infections, we had tubes put in his ears. The ear infections continued. So at 18 months we had his adnoids taken out. The snoring stopped and the ear infections stoped. Also, he gained 5 lbs in the next month because he had such a sensitive gag reflex he often threw up his food. The C-ACC is a midline birth defect and sometimes there are other malformations that are considered mid-line. Our son’s adnoids and tonsils are abnormally large. The tonsils don’t seem to be bothering him though so they have not been removed.
We have had one other midline issue and that was fixed with a minor outpatient surgery for his eyes. Basically, his tears didn’t drain easily into his sinuses so the dr put tiny tubes in the corners of his eye sockets to drain to prevent continual pink-eye.