Diabetes Type 1 Member Introductions


my name is bronwyn :slight_smile: but most my friend know me as bronni
i am 15 years old and my favourite hobbie is dancing :slight_smile:
i have joined this site because i have type 1 diabetes which i have had for about 1 year.



my brother went into a diabetic coma 6 months ago and was in untensive care for several weeks and now has got a brain injury.i live in manchester and my brother has been brought over to live at mine from hudderstfield thats where he lived but wasnt taking care of him self and nearly ended up in a coma again.dont even know what foods to give or anything about the condition



dx’d 9/1989 at age 7. tokyo, portland, seville. vegetarian.



A walking contradiction: half-Oregonian/half-Californian, a Christian in a mostly Jewish family, hates the rain but lives in Oregon where it rains almost six months straight, a chocoholic who has lived with diabetes for thirteen years, and a book addict with a short attention span.



I’ve had type 1 for over 20 years. I’m the mom of two wonderful boys and I recently published a book called “When You’re a Parent with Diabetes”.



My story? Just ask me … its a lot faster and easier!



I am a Born Again Diabetic determined to start again with a new attitude towards my disease. I would love to meet more Type 1 Diabetics who are pumping (like me) to share ideas with and learn from.



My name is Jeremy. I live in NW Oregon. I’m 20yrs old, and was diagnosed with type I Diabetes 2yrs ago, just before I turned 18.



Type-1 diabetes since 1986, pumping since 2001 with Minimed (522 with sensor since August 2006). Just finishing renovating a 150 year old house on coastal Nova Scotia.



learn and understand type i diabetes. i am a 48 year old mother of two grown up sons



Sudden onset of diabetes in my adulthood — from normal to 600 sugar in 2 weeks — with a weight loss of 7 lbs in that time. Self diagnosed (proud of me!) and went to my family doctor who sent me to the emergency room.
I still work (love my job – teaching) and am learning to juggle and balance my activities and home responsibilities(many, many pets). My family (husband, daughters especially — both adult and with families of their own – one lives away,in another state) are supportive, which is immensely helpful. I remain optimistic, and need to find better, natural means rather than drugs. Insulin I will need, but Altace (to regulate blood pressure, which is always normal except for the hospital stay!) has to go - the sooner the better. I know they want to keep my blood vessels healthy, to prevent kidney, eye etc. problems ---- but there has to be a better way than Altace (side effects? phew!)
I am interested in connecting with people who have been there done that. I need a fellow-diabetic who is like minded …



I am 23. About 2 years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, which I thought would never be possible. My father and I both have type 1 diabetes. He has lost both legs due to complications with the disease which has me scared to death about my own future. I am currently participating in classes to be put on the pump. I hope this will help me in controling my diabetes and put me at ease.



Just here to meet new friends.



Id love to talk with other people that have experienced some of the same things I hav e and discuss treatments and compare prognosis.



Hi everyone:

My name is Pat and I have several things which has brought me here. They are

Cerebral Palsy, Cellulitis (ala Thyroid condition), Diabetes (Type I), Epilepsy

(Though I have yet to understand why there’s no forum here for that *Hint…Hint

CarePlace Staff :slight_smile: ) & Sleep Apnea (I was pleasantly surprised to see a forum

here for this :slight_smile: ).

I’ve had Cerebral Palsy since birth and I’ve been told I’ve had Epilepsy just as

long, though I’m convinced that came along a few years later into my childhood.

I developed Cellulitis as an adult (Poor weight management, bad BMI, etc),

Diabetes just a couple of years ago (Mainly because of my weight and all the

sugar I’d eaten over the years before) and Sleep Apnea also just a couple of

years ago (Around this time of the year to be exact).

To get around town, I ride a Pride Victory scooter (Though I can and do walk short distances like around the apartment building I live in). Can’t hardly fit the thing on the bus (That’s the frustrating part), but actually I don’t mind it as much as the tradeoff is that I at least have freedom of movement. Basically, this means I can go whichever way I want to in order to get from Point A to Point B.

I see two doctors, one for my Epilepsy (A Neurologist) and the other for the rest of my problems (An Internal Medicine specialist). I see them on a quasi-regular basis.

Finally, I also have a Medical Wonders blog and VideoCast which I hope to merge into one (Currently they are two seperate blogs) and move over to CarePlace (I just LOVE themed places for my blogs :)). I will gladly post the URL when it is set up so everyone can take a look. :slight_smile:

Well anyway…I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself. I look forward to getting to know each & every one of you. :slight_smile:

Cheers :smiley:

Pat Cook
Denver, Colorado



My youngest son, Jonathon (10/28/1998) was diagnosed with diabetes 8/29/2006. He started on his insulin pump 5/7/2007. We are currently under pretty good control. Even on MDI, his last A1C was 6.5.

I also have another son, Joshua (9/15/1997) who was born with microphthalmia (small eye). He is blind in his left eye and wears a prosthetic over the small eye.

I am married to Glen since 1993, and we live in Kawkawlin, Michigan.

I look forward to getting to know all of you.




Hi, I am knew here and I have type 1 diabetes. I’ve had diabetes for 26 years. I have a hard time controlling my blood sugars because I don’t have the money for supplies. I am very nervous and scared. I have 2 kids and I want to see them grow up and I want to live a long long time but I am scared that if I dont’get under better control I will… HELP Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Would like to talk to others with diabetes also.



I have been a type 1 diabetic for a few years, and have been struggling a lot. Been in and out of the hospital for numerous reasons. I would love to make some friends with the same problem.



I’ve lived almost my entire life with diabetes…and guess what? I’m middle-age, happy, healthy and actively living life.
I’ve had my share of bad times, near death experiences, and all the frustrations of living with diabetes. I think its time I reach out and share with others.


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