My son is 3yrs old with ACC, he is very smart and picks up on certain things quickly. He loves music and has great imagination. Usually he is like any other sweet little boy but lately he has gotten a temper. Everything we ask him even before we finish he yells “NO!” When he gets hurt or scared my instinct is to love him and make it better. He freaks out and tells us to leave him alone and some times gets physical and hits or kicks us. The older he gets the worse it is. He has these episodes and if we ignore his tantrums usually he is OK in a few minutes and he even apologizes but it is very frustrating for us to watch him get so upset. And it is hard for us to take him to public places because he is either happy and climbing around or mad and causing a huge seen. He has always had extra strong emotions. (For example) When he is happy he is Hyperactive and energetic, when he is sad he is dramatically sad and when he doesn’t get his way he holds grudges and yells and so on. He is usually not very aggressive but I’m worried if it is only going to get worse. Guess I just need to know if there is any one else that is going through a similar situation. We love him so much but we are frustrated and the Doctors can’t really tell us if it could be part of the ACC affecting his emotions. Thanks for listening.


My daughter has tantrums too. she bangs her head ,feet and chin on floor when she is mad. I can’t say for sure if it’s part of ACC but it could be.

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Tansmom- It does sound like Tanner is doing well! That’s great that he’s so verbal, even though I know it’s no fun to hear him say he wants to kick you. Something that has helped my oldest is taking note of his body and when he’s just starting to get upset, say something like “Your face is very red, and your hands are made into fists. It looks like you’re angry.” It doesn’t usually stop the behavior, but he learned to describe his feelings pretty well. I read a really good book once called Playful Parenting and those ideas have helped us diffuse a few situations.

My little one with acc will be three this summer! I can’t believe it. His newest skill is walking and it’s been really exciting to see him walking across the room, especially because when he was diagnosed as a newborn the doctor told us he might never walk. We’re looking forward to talking, but at present he is mainly pointing and making more noises than before, and adding some consistent use of signs. We’re also starting to see him hit when he’s angry so we’re definately coming up fast on three!

This sounds a bit like my oldest when he was three, and he doesn’t have acc. Three is a really tough year in general, there is so much to learn but not all of it can be processed or expressed. I’m guessing with some of the challenges of acc those typical out-of-sorts behaviors will be more difficult.

Is there anything particularly soothing for him? If music is comforting could you use that to help him calm down? Sometimes stepping away from the activity and stimulation seems to help. When it comes to one of my boys physically hurting people, I’ve had to remove a child from the situation or safely block them, whatever keeps everyone safe.


Thankyou for listening and the advise. It is nice to hear from moms that have the same worries. I hope all is well with your little one. He must be 2 how is he progressing?
My little tanner seems to be a developing great but like you said expressing him self is very frustrating to him and my husband and I. We have had to gain alot of patients with him. His new thing now is when I am trying to remove him from something negative he growls at me, hits me and says I want to kick you. Once the fight is over he is a totally different child. I feel like maybe it will pass because he is only three, but a part of me feels like there is something wrong and I need some professional help. I will try some different techniques with him and spend alittle more time working on his temper.
It means alot to me to know you took time to write, Thanks.

Yes. music always works for brittney

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Thanks Girls, I will try a few things, he has his days. I’ve also got to tackle potty training him. We have tried many times and he has toys in the cupboard in the bathroom but he is not willing to sit on the potty. I think he is too hyper to sit that long. If anyone has any ideas let me know