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I have had this problem for 15years and it has been controlled with at first Trileptal,and then years later when some pain broke thru the Dr’s added topomax that did it til recently…last spring,after a trip to the dentist the pain got a lot worse and i started tegretal…the dirtiest but the most effective. after getting pain under control I quit the two starter drugs. the tegretal worked very well for the pain…there.was none…I saw a neurologist and had a gamma knife procedure done…do the google on the gn that was last June,…went off meds in December…so far so good…no pain …willy98



Hi Lori,

I have the exact symptoms you have. I have had them 4 years after having a filling put into a tooth that resulted in a root canal. It left me with a chronic 24/7 intense pressure in tooth and gums on left side with most of the pressure in the upper tooth that had the filling and root canal.
Its been awful to deal with. How did the acupuncture work out? Did you do Chiropractic care?
How are you doing now? Tammy


Hello NHM,

I have been going through 4 years now of this awful facial pain on left side of upper and lower teeth and gums resulting from dental work. I have not gone through all the testing to identify what it is mainly because I know I don’t want to take medications… I am pretty certain after much research that they will tell me its some sort of a typical facial pain or neuralgia of some sort.
I am considering acupuncture or chiropractor… Was the chiropractic that you had done to help you upper cervical or was it just chiropractic adjustments??? Thank you.