I have bad body odor and am thinking of suicide

Hi brown sugar

Its bigv just wanted to say thanks for the support group and I will pray that Penelope will make it
it gets hard and when you got skills and want and need to work and dealing with tmau it is really
hard to cope. Even harder to make friends people think you are just nasty. I quit what must be my
100th job yesterday the urine order was just so bad. I just continue to say to myself I have something
to offer to the work force and I deserve to be gainfully employed just like any one else.
plus have you seen the price of gas out there? damm near a trillion dollars a gallon!!!

Hi Betsy, I too have this problem. I tried using odor eaters under my armpits and it actually worked. I went to doctors and they gave me antibiotics that made everything extremely worse. I almost stopped working, and I have two daughters I am raising all by myself.

I eliminated eating meat and also I do not eat lettuce of any kind. I am grateful to God that he has showed me that the answer is not in man to cure diseases, but God has all the answers. I don’t know why I have to go through this, but be assured God knows what you are going through. I am praying for you and please write back. Hold on–God will help!


Hi Brown Sugar,

I filed that TMAU have different stages. And that some of us that have a negative test it’s a false reading because this is a rare disease this means that people are having hard time accepting that because thay don’t have it in writing if someone would dig a little deeper you would find out that there are different stages every disorder has a stage and I’m saying this because if you look at the symptoms that are similar how can two people with the same symptom be diagnose differently.


Hi everyone. Thanks for your replies. I must say this situation is very frustrating. I’m trying to monitor my diet. I know God will help I just wish He will come through for me like right now. I need to get on with my life. I don’t have a happy social life because of this. I thank God though that I have a job. I really want to get over this and to be happy making new friends and enjoying life. Someone please help me with how to monitor my diet. I’m taking a supplement containing riboflavin this will help with digestion/metabolism but it also contains fish ingredients. Is it ok to still take it. Also im taking acidophilus tablets how effective is this in controlling TMAU?

Thanks alot

Dont take anything with fish ingredients.? It will make things worse.? Even some people without TMAU suffer from fishy body odor after taking fish supplements.

Take riboflavin on it’s own.

Just take the vitamin b tablet

hey… Thanks to you all for the information and advice so far. I’m really frustrated, I don’t feel I have anything to live for. I don’t enjoy a close confrontation with anyone, not even to stand or sit beside them. I’m seriously just asking and waiting to die. I have NO joy, no happiness and I can’t endure this anymore. Nothing seems to work. And what’s the use enduring this pain, which I can’t even control. I don’t have a child to live for. I have never even had an intimate relationship.

I believe if i kill myself them I won’t be hurting anymore. I’m contemplating how to carry out this act. I don’t want to do this but there is no joy in living. I can’t endure this anymore. I love the Lord, but I just can’t go through the struggles any longer. Every day i wake up I wish I have a normal life. I don’t know where to turn. I have reached the end of the rope. Some of us are made up to endure suffering, but I choose to quit. It’s not worth it to wake up everyday, with so much pain and shame. God!!! It’s like a nightmare.

Then at work, I have to work with many customers. It’s embarrassing. Just the look on there faces and the reactions makes me want to die instantly. I wish you all the best, hoping that this will end for you one day. I didn’t know that so many people was like this. All I ever dreamt of was going to a doctor and then finding the cause and treat it. But that just seem like a dream that will never come through. No cure??? no treatment??? Then what am I to do? I’m so hurt, I cry over and over. Why must this happen to me?

I promise that I will end it… I am 26 and have never enjoyed life. I have so may pains through this and the embarrassments are unbearable. I will do it. If God cares he would have help me… I know he cares but i can’t go on like this anymore.

It is EMBARRASSING and I hide from my friends at times because I don’t want them to smell my breath.


I know you are hurting and I know you think things will not get better. They will. They did for me. You got to do trial and error. You got to do the diet. You got to do probiotics. You got to hang in there. Someday, if you do these things, you will have a relationship. You will have friends. I have been every where you have been. I had one of the worst case ever. I even cry now but not as much. Tell me what you are eating, drinking and even spicing your food with. Betsy, if I can get some improvement so can you. It never goes away but it diminshes quite a bit. It diminishes enough where you can be around people some. So, tell me what you are doing? What is your daily routine?

I can help by telling you what I am doing. So, let me help. Do not do this. I am your friend.

Write me back and where are you located?


Betsy, please e mail me privately.? This is hard to live with…we know…I have thought of suicide so many times before.? But, there are people who would never get past your death…including those of us here on the board.? You MUST be eating something to make things this bad… You probably don’t even know that something you are doing is causing things to get so bad for you.? It is trial and error…part of the problem is probably that you are so paranoid now about it that you assume EVERYONE is thinking you smell when the likelihood is rare.

Let’s look at your job first.? Can you quit?? Are you making such great money that it makes it worth what you’re enduring?? I have found that nannying is a great way to make money, you can be realtively alone and you dont have to deal with bs all the time.? Make sure you work for a family with a baby.? They are cute, sweet and they never complain about body odor… If you arent that interested in kids, animals are another option… Please leave your job and find something more comfrtable for you…

God has set you up to help a lot of folks, for who is better to
encourage them concerning dispear, devastation, and hoplesss than you.
You have endured much more than that alot of folks. Al through you may
not have or see the cure in sight, don’t lose hope for the best is yet
to come.

I have had the same experiences as you and I know that it can build
up. I have seen peoples faces go from happy to very angry in my
presence but I also know that if I give up before my breakthrough than
I will never see the other side of this thang. I will never see God
bring me out , his power,or his purpose for allowing me to go through

The enemy is telling you that nobody will miss you but that is a lie.
We touch peoples lives in many different ways. I’m sure that you have
touch many people’s lives even by what you are going through (not
losing your cool).

Many times I thought that God was angry with me or that I had done
something wrong because I did not get the answers that I wanted and he
would respond to me by telling me that I didn’t do anything wrong.

Don’t believe the hype. I know that what you see and hear is real and
that you live this everyday but pain has a way of disconnecting us
from reality.We can’t see the good things due to the pain.

Hang in there please, don’t give up. I pray that God will help you and
guide you through this process.


Write us back and let us know how you are doing. We desperately want to help. Please write us back. We are here to help. You are a special person and we all care about you. So, write us back. Love yourself and you will find things are better.


Hello everyone,

It’s very nice knowing that you all cared so much. Sorry for saying all those things about suicide. Don’t mean to get you all worried, its just that when I’m so hurting I can’t help but thinking it.

I’m from the Caribbean. I tried to stay away from all meals containing fish, eggs, cabbage, lettuce, peas, beans and greens. I eat chicken, sausages, rice, papaya, pumpkin, yam. I don’t know what to eat right now. I’ve stopped eating many things. I’m taking acidophilus and drinking a lot of water. I work all day and go to bed very late.

Please let me know if you need additional information.

I understand how you feel for I am in the same boat. All the things that you
are experiencing I am too but I realize that I have alot to live for and I
refuse to take myself out. I am a mother of two young boys age 9 and 6, I am
a student- graduating in 2009, and althrough my friends, family, and/or
doctors thinks it in my head I know better. I am currently looking for jobs
out of the office arena, Please do the same. I am praying as I write this
letter, I once had the same type of thoughts but ruled them out.

Please do not do it. I pray that God will comfort your heart and give you
peace and understanding of what you are going through, for I know that it
has been the only thing that has help me through my low times. Hang in
there… Keep hope alive


I can certainly understand the despair from this disorder. But you have to
fight it. It takes time, some money and a dedication to a regime that works
for you. Getting tested is the first step. It’s not that difficult, and I
had a positive experience with University of Colorado. Testing determines
once and for all if you have TMAU or it is some other disorder. Diet,
hygiene must be applied at all times. Some of us have worse symptoms than
others. I did not become symptomatic until 56. I got tested, went to an
endocrinologist, consulted a few times with a nutritionist to whom I
supplied the choline food list and worked hard to get this under control.
Life has been much better, and I value life and will continue to do what I
have to do to have better quality.

I have heard that there is a fairly high suicide rate among TMAU patients,
but you can fight it. It may be trial and error. George Pretti in PA is
the world’s expert. You can get an appointment with him, but it can take 6
months. It may be worth the wait. Please don’t give up.

Sometimes i cry for days straight, i dont get out of bed except to shower and use the bathroom.

I dont even eat.

I get so sad because of the way people look at me.

And that i go to the doctor and they say nothing wrong with me im healthy

And the dentist tell me i have good oral health and my breath still stinks. I’m disgusted by myself.

And i wonder why I’m cursed and what i did to deserve to be the way i am.

I cry till my head hurts and my eyes becomes really puffy like i havent slept in a month.
I want to die because i see that no one can do anything to improve the way that i am.

And being the way i am does not make me happy, i dont pass a day of pure happiness.

But last week i found hope.

I know whats wrong with me because of sites with info of tmau.

There is hope i may be able to improve.

I’m gonna try my best to be better and to understand what is wrong with me.
and now i can explain to people what is wrong with me.

There is always a reason to live.

I know you feel that if your unhappy then why live this miserable life.

But theres always a reason if you have hope and you have faith and you find some support.

Its been sad because people around me ignore me and i have no one to talk to about the way i am but i found people on this site like me and im so happy.

I cant wait to take the tmau test and start a new beginning.

And you should too, find out how to take the test, try your options even a little better is good i have an extreme case and even the little improvement will make me happy even if to maintain it i have to eat things i dont like because it will give me something more to look forward to and make me more comfortable to be myself.

My family thought i was crazy for a while till they finally smelled me i took every test imaginable and went to the physchologist its been 8 years years and i dont know how i made it through 1 and now i know i have tmau. and im so happy i never gave up before i found out. And so should you.

Thank u sunshine… im looking forward to that day. That’s all i can say because I just don’t know what else to do.

Hello everyone. It’s been awhile since I visited the site. But I to had thoughts of suicide and I questioned God everyday!But then I decided to start getting out a little bit. And just when you make a little progress along comes someone to knock you down.I am a stay at home mom and I dedided to be a wife and mom first. I cant please everybody. But I now make it my business to do something for me no matter what. I am tired of being afraid and every chance I get to go to the beach,walk through the park,ride my bike or just work in my garden I take it. I get up take the kids to school and do the same things other housewives do…And I put it all in Gods hands…I’m taking baby steps because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.Everone Be Blessed

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I have thought of suicide so many times, but trust does thoughts are evil thoughts and when they come in your head just ask God to hold your hand and give you peace of mind. I have asked God so many times why me but the Lord will never give you more than you can handle and if its God will for me to stink than so be it. You must still Thank God for his blessings some people are blind, some cannot walk. It could be alot worse. We all need to pray and trust in God. Trust what I am telling you do not let the devil consume you with evil thoughts. Do not worry about if you smell or not, just live life.One day if you have faith you will wake up smelling like sweet candy. It may be hard to believe now but trust me, PRAY and have FAITH!!!Through Christ all things are possible.

Do you know about trimetylaminuria syndrom?
If it is true about you, just by avoiding some kinds of food you can have healthy life like others and contact other people in normal way.
These foods are red meat and egg yolk and…
Some limited kinds of food versus your normal happy life☺️
Don,t forget that you shouldn,t avoid everythings(i mean food) because your body need them and avoiding them can make everything worse.
So just limit special foods and try to life like others. Your thoughts of having beautifule future, not only future but also beautiful now can makes everythinf in different way.

Please do, I need one here