Lichen Planus Member Introductions


I have been diagnosed with this condition. I wish to seek information in finding relief from the symptoms.


I have little white spots come up in my mouth, they did a biopsy and it came back lichen planus. None of meds I have used will cure it. Help!!!


I have reoccurring Oral and Vaginal Lichan Planus and I’m looking to see what other people do for theirs.
What kind of expectations, treatments, etc are available.
A little hope!


My spouse has been diagnosed with Lichen Planus and nothing seems to cure it. Without Prednisone the itching persists. With Prednisone the itching subsides but the rash does not go away.
Her condition has covered her feet, legs and is on her back. She has had a biopsy to confirm that the condition is Lichen Planus.
It has not gotten into the mouth or genitals.


I have Lichen Planus de la Plata . I have an outbreak on my forhead and it worries me, this looks different. I am now a widow with no health insurance and I am trying to figure out where to go to get some help.


I have lichen planus and want to learn more about it and how to treat it.

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i have suffered with lichen planus on my legs for over twenty years and im very consious of wearing shorts on holidays.people look at you like your dirty and this makes me very unhappy.i never see anyone else with this on my holidays,it makes me feel im the only one with this.


Hi, I’m interested in finding out how to cope with Lichen Planus. I first found out about this condition when I was diagnosed with oral lichen planus last November. Since then I have broken out with the normal lichen planus on my back from neck to behind the knees and it is starting to drive me crazy. An appointment with a dermatologist is not until October.


My husband has been struggling with Lichen Planus, it’s been very stressful. Just thought it would help to talk to others that have this disease. I have an auto immune disease that I struggle with and he’s been so great during my illness, I just wanted to show support to him.


how do you get to the lp group on yahoo? Thanks!!

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Treatments for Lichen Planus.
Does anyone have information for treating the skin first of all.
And then the oral part, like when the webs and the sores attach the inside of your mouth?
And it also can attack your eyes?
What about treatment for your eyes?
I figure some of you have already had to find this out and wondered if you could help me?


Hi Beauty,

Have you checked out the LP group on Yahoo? It is very active, and
there is a TON of information in the archive, buried in the posts.
Worth checking out. For info on OLP go to the online OLP site hosted
by the Baylor College of Dentistry, Texas A&M University.

To treat the skin on your legs:

Has your dermatologist prescribed a medium-to-strong steroid cream? A
good place to start is with Fluocinonide 0.05 per cent, which is sold
under various names – Lidex, Lyderm. Apply 3 or 4 times daily (just
where you have spots), and the LP will start to fade… and
eventually go away… but it takes TIME. I found that each LP lesion
hung around for about as long as I’d already had it when I started
treatment (e.g.a new spot might go away in a week, but a patch I’d
had for three months might stick around for three months). Plus,
while the LP is active new patches start up even while you are using
the topical steroids. BUT it does work (it did for me).

For the itch, you can take antihistamones, which help a bit. I’d
recommend Benadryl, which (in the formula sold in North America) will
help you sleep as well as relieve the itch. If the itch becomes
painful, codeine (lowest dosage available) helps.

Also, avoid anything that might irritate your skin. Switching to a
dye-and-fragrance free liquid laundry detergent will help. Avoid
clingy fabrics.

Hope this helps!

I haven’t quite gotten the hang of this forum, but shall persevere.

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Hi Judy,

The LP group at Yahoo is at:

You need a Yahoo account to join, but that’s free so only a minor
hassle if you don’t already have one (you’ll see a not eon the home
page inviting people there to join this forum, which is fine – it’s
just that currently the Yahoo groiup is so active that it an
excellent first place to ask for tips. Fabulous peer support).

The International Lichen Planus Support Group (which is NOT peer
support but still excellent) run by the Baylor College fo Dentistry
at Texas A&M University is at (I think: let me know if I’ve sent you

This offers medical advice and tends to focus on oral lichen planus
(OLP) issues as that is the primary concern of the faculty at the
dental college who started the site. If you need help finding adoctor
to treat you, or advice on how to apply topical treatments inside
your mouth, or have questions about what is available in the medical
literature (for ANY type of lichen planus), this is the place to go.

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I was a member of LP at Yahoo but they would never acknowledge me nor would they answer any of my questions, that is why I came here, cuz I saw Dave’s message on the homepage at Yahoo.

Has anyone had LP of the tongue spread to their tonsils?

Thanks-==Beauty Cochran


Hi Beauty,

I’m sorry that no one at the Yahoo Group ever acknowledged your
messages… that surprises me. Are you certain that your posts went
up at all? (Sometimes I’ll notice that messages take a very long time
to go up, generally from certain email addresses, not sure why but
think it must be a technical issue).

I won’t apologize for that but am offering insight. I generally try
to post welcome messages but for oral LP sometimes don’t, especially
if there has been a flurry of activity from new members.

I believe that LP on the tongue can spread into the throat. Someone
in the Yahoo group definitely has experience with this. Have you gone
to the Baylor site? Their specialty is oral lichen planus, and if you
ask the people who run it should be able to direct you to medical
literature on precisely this problem.

— BeautyCochran wrote:


Hi, I am 20, and was diagnosed with Vulvovaginal LP about a week ago. I’m looking for more information and some answers.


I live in the northeast and suffer from seasonal depression. I basically hibernate from november until april. Besides moving, I’d really like to talk to people about how they’ve conquered their depression. I’m a really cynical person and depression has got me beat :confused: