Multiple Sclerosis Member Introductions


I am a 29 year old mother of 2 boys. I am living with MS and dealing with my very first flare up as of June 2007. I am currently on Rebif. I have been in the hospital for 5 days of IV steroids. I lost vision in my left and its taking time but its slowly returning.


My friend’s husband was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago, after the initial shock, they seemed to cope reasonably well. At his last check up a month ago, Tony was told that he is no longer in a remission period and that his condition is becoming worse (a fact they both knew anyway). Kathy feels unable to let Tony get close to her because she says she is afraid to face the thought of losing him. I have suggested that she joins a local support group where she will be able to talk to others in a ‘carers’ role. I’ve also suggested that she looks into some alternative therapies, diet etc. She does not have a computer and this is why I’m doing this little bit of research for her. she lives in Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire and does not drive. she works part-time and therefore would need a support group as near to her home as possible. Can you help?


I’ve been diagnosed with MS for 6 years. I was 20 when my symptoms started and have vey quickly deteriorated. Will connect with anyone.


-Although wheelchair user (7ys), very active, independent & positive.
-I use alternative therapies, TM etc but no medication (& no fatigue!)
-Enjoy watercolour painting, making greetings cards on PSP, watching wildlife, computer & disability rights issues, reading.
Interested in meeting like minded people for friendship & sharing ideas.




i am 61, have had ms for several years, now use a wheelchair 24/7, try to remain positive with a wicked sense of humour.
i was a nurse for many years, a job i loved, now i do voluntary work from home with neighbourhood watch.
i design and make greetings cards as well as do water colour painting.


i have just been to the doctors where i have felt unwell for over a week with headaches and numbness and tingling in my hands and face we talked and i said what a wonderful place the internet was for finding out things, and on the other hand how it can be a place to shock you, he asked what i thought i had, (who was the doctor here) i said M S he agreed, i havent had tests yet but feel so alone and scared,


i am worried i may have symptons of m.s


I have just been diagnosed and am aged 57.


im a 22 year old female who has a high possiblilty of multiple sclerosis and scared dont know what im dealing with.


i am 39 years of age and my wife who suffers from MS is 34, she has two aunts one in her last stages and the other in her middle stage, respectfully. she also had a uncle who died from the disease. the doctors told her she would want to be alone once the disease starrs progressing, that she woukld feel as if she does love me, her children or anyone who is close to her, trying to help her cope with the disease. she understood at the time and said she would not let that happen. Now, even though she tells me i did nothing wrong, that i am a good husband and provider, she doesn’t love me anymore and wants to be alone, to be able to do the things she wants, even if they hurt me or the family. she feels that she will die before me and she wants to do these things until the day she dies if need be. she always says it’s not anything you do, it’s me. Why do she not remember or even better heed what the doctors told her and resist those feelings. Though i did not tell her, my biological grandmother told my that my wife told her that she does not love me anymore, that she will leave me when our child of 13 years of age gets a little older.


hello,i need to know every thing about ms.


Actually I do not have MS ~ but it is the closest to the things that are listed . I have Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Sydrome ~ which is rather rare but close to Myasthenia Gravis in that the problem is that the muscles and the nerves stop talking to each other.

I am looking for information and support and hope to provide the same.


husband with ms is now in nursing home because of disease


In the beginning, I want to introduce myself: I’m a doctor of medicine for about 20 years now and very interested in Neurology and Orthopedics. Since 5 years I work as an assistant medical director in a rehabilitation center in Germany.


where do i start mmmmm i guess i just have tons of questions,even though ms has blessed me for ten years i still dont know it all,ialso have a family 2preteen girls ugh,a college kid and my biggest kid of all,my husband,oh yea and a job,so im pretty busy spite having ms,look foward to chating


Have M S…want to connect with others who’ve tried LDN…to no avail…maybe we can search for something else in common and find what might help us ! !


I have MS, biggest problem, fatigue on disablity

My husband is a diagnost Narcisst


single mom with 6year adhd son living alone in NC. Moving to mountains of NC this summer to get away from heat. Age 45. On SSDI. Have 2 Masters degrees. Want to apply and persue a doctoral degree in a Technology field. Worried if I can do it. I have a progressive form of MS in the sense of progressive loss of diaphragm, intestinal stomach weakness, digestion weakness, swallowing weakness, core trunk stability weakness and so on.


Though they say short term memory is sometimes erratic for those who suffer from MS, my wife is working on her bachelors in criminal justice So far she is doing find, so hang in there. I am reading your emails from top to bottom meaning i’m reading the last first and i guess the first last, that is why my responses are coming to you this way.

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