Multiple Sclerosis Member Introductions


I was diagnosed with RR MS in June '00, started on copaxone right away, added provigil within the next year. I’m still active, but usually take an afternoon catnap. I just want to meet and talk to other MSers.


I am a SURVIVOR of Central Pontine Myelinolysis, an acquired toxic demyelination disorder said to be a neuromuscular disease of the central nervous system. This disease came to the forefront in 1959 and has continuously been very quietly withheld from the publc world wide. Recently I’ve founded the “CPM Awareness Foundation.” Along with my own chronic issues, I have found my best therapy in doing my best assisting other CPM victims or their families as most CPM victims that live or in need of help in many areas. Now as a CPM survivor, layman advocate and founder I’ve been involved in many scenerios bringing “CPM Awareness” to many Government Institutes along with many influential organizations.

It is stated in all imformation that there is no cure currently available which tends to be both true and false. Central Pontine Mylinolysis is what is called an Iatrogenic disease meaning it is acquired by, “Error of Treatment.”


Hi, I’m kate, I have MS,l live with an unsupportive, alcholic spouse, have 5 kids, and am looking to find support, and give it as well…blessings, kate


I was diagnosed at the age of 49 after a bad episode put me into the hospital. I have been fortunate to have a mild case. I am now going on 55. My symptoms are tolerable. I can still do all necessary daily functions of life. I am interested in people diagnosed later in life and how their health was before.


My sister was diagnosed with MS in July of 2010 and I am trying to learn as much about it as I can to help her deal with her symptoms.