My 5 Year Old and Speach

Ok my daughter is now over 5 years old and still her speech has not developed quite well. I mean she babbles and when she gets mad and she dose this alot she will say things so that you can understand her. But just to talk to her it is like trying to talk to a foreign exchange student. Dose anyone have some ideas for me?

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Thank you,
David Beal

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My son is 9 and has DCC. His speech is very delayed as well, right now he has the speech of a 5 years old. I remember at 5 it was pretty much the same scenario he babbled alot and right around 6 or 7 he had a jump in vocabulary but now we are stuck again. He tends to only use words he is comfortable with and omits certain words in his sentences. Socially and physically he is on point but in terms of school learning and speech, that is where we find the bulk of his delays. I was advised to try increasing his speech therapy. I will let you know if I come across something else that may help since I am researching this for my son.