Tattoo over beckers nevus

i see some of you guys shared your before and after pics before, but now the links are not working. Would it be too much to ask you guys who got tatto on their Bn to send their before and after pics ? Or even just tatto ideas, links. I'm simply out of ideas. My Bn is on my back/chest/shoulder and arm till my elbow. So yea, its bigger than the usual BN.
Thanks in advance too, i'm guessing some random dude like me, in some different part of the world needs these answers.

Hey everyone,

Yes, I also suffer from beckers nevus. I’m 20 now and have my bn for about 8 years. I just wanted to see the tattoo results, after spending over 2-3k$ on laser treatment. I just gave up and decided to have a kickass tattoo. So i would really appreciate it if you guys could send me or here your before and after pics, or even share your ideas ?

Alright. Its been about… what almost 8 years now… I did get my tattoo, and I am the original poster of this question. I would like to say that it has been a huge success. There has been no issues with getting it done. I would recommend getting a dark color like black since some of the spots that have a bit of color are “off” but since I have many tattoos now, it could also just be fading. I havent had any issues now or before with discoloration or changes of the nevus of any kind. I would recommend if yours is dark, as mine is a little lighter than most peoples, to get a small portion tattooed over first, in black, and see how well it blends. I havent noticed a change in the hair, it still gets very hairy, but at least it looks badass… :slight_smile:

Well guys, I know this was the longest “OP will surely deliver post ever” but here I am. If there is any questions, I reset my password so now I can actually log in and answer them, Sorry for the long wait. But at least its good news!!!

It's been a long journey since when we did our tattoos my friend spaceman88. I saw your post and after a couple of months I did mine. I don't remember exactly your post, it was in the previous forum. it started something like this "I Dont know if this was an option for anyone"... thanks mate for sharing this back then, you helped me a lot. Since then I assist anyone with the experience I gained from the whole situation. So far everything is OK, the tattoo looks great. I think maybe in the future I will redo some spots, or the whole of it with just some small changes in colours, we will see. take care.

It’s been 3.5 years since I made my post advising people just to, “get a tattoo, and be done with it.” In that period of time, the tattoo has had much time to “heal,” as they call it in the tattooing industry, and to resolve to its normal, long-term appearance.

It’s still an improvement, I think, and I would still advise it as the best among alternatives that are worthless, but I’m sad to say it’s not the silver bullet I first believed it to be.

As it turns out, tattoo ink is largely translucent, so pigment beneath it remains visible–even through dark gray and through colors. You might think solid blacks completely conceal the pigment, but it turns out that the blacks do not stay solid forever, and the pigment beneath it eventually peeks through the thin cracks that start to form throughout them.

The result is a tattoo that looks muddy and a birthmark that is, at best, obscured at a DISTANCE, but up close is quite apparent. And while maybe it may make you less embarrassed about your birthmark, now you are embarrassed that others can see that you were embarrassed about it (because they can tell you tried to hide it with a tattoo).

P.S. Touching my tattoo up might help, but this is natural, unavoidable fading that I’m describing. In fact, my tattoo has not once been exposed to sunlight since I got it, and it STILL deteriorated to what it has become today.

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I want to emphasize that, despite how negative I might sound, I have absolutely NO regrets that I got the tattoo, and feel it provides a significant aesthetic improvement. I just want anyone who's considering getting one not to expect a perfect solution, which I feared my initial post wrongly encouraged.

Oh, and as for tattoo ideas... Depending on the location, anything is possible, as long as it will cover it. Just keep the colors dark. If the location is a little unusual or if the pigment is relatively large and irregularly shaped, then I would consider either something biomechanical or bio-organic. Those two styles give the artist the most flexibility in terms of size, shape, and color.

t’s been 3.5 years since I posted my advice to “just get a tattoo and be done with it” response. Since then, my tattoo has had plenty of time to undergo the natural fading that tattoos do. While I have no regrets at all and feel the tattoo provides a much superior aesthetic, I think it’s important that I encourage more realistic expectations than I fear my original post did.

It turns out that tattoo ink is largely translucent, so when combined with the effects of fading, you can expect your tattoo to remain visible to some extent through the tattoo. This may or may not bother you. (It does bother me somewhat, but perhaps I am unusually obsessive or insecure.) Even through pure black areas, the tattoo peeks through the tiny cracks that begin to form throughout them.

The result is a somewhat muddied appearance to your tattoo, which observers may interpret as simply an impure ink color or, potentially, as something underneath it that you are trying to hide (a fear which could make you similarly insecure).

Obtaining touchups is an option (I’ve had one), but I question the practicality of obtaining them routinely throughout one’s entire life. A tattoo is essentially a large scar, and like any scar, the skin is sensitive and becomes progressively more so after each new session. Eventually touchups would become unbearably painful, I would think.

But like I said, I certainly prefer a tattoo covering it over having no tattoo covering it. At a minimum, the detail of the artwork deflects attention away from the nevus and minimizes the contrast between the nevus and surrounding skin, particularly when viewed from a distance. If you get one yourself, just be realistic, and keep it out of the sun to minimize the fading. (I’ve never exposed mine to the sun, by the way. The fading I’m describing is the natural, unavoidable effects of time and skin healing.)

Also, I would recommend incorprating as much dark color into your tattoo (or dark gray or black shading if you’re getting black & gray) as possible. Depending on the size and shape of your becker’s nevus, any design could work, but since becker’s nevus tends to have an irregular shape spread over a relatively large area, you might find that a biomechanical or bioorganic style tattoo gives your tattoo artist the flexibility he needs in terms of size, shape, and color-choice of to customize a design that maximizes coverage of the nevus.

Hey, I’m about to start my tattoo and would love some help to see what yours looks like it’s a huge step for me and any motivation would help!

Hey nick, I would love to see a picture or anything that can give me an idea. Would you be able to help

Not sure if anyone still writes here, but I’m planning on getting my tattoo as laser has really not done any good for me (more bad) would love to see some of the tattoos or anything anyone has done

Hey guys, unfortunatly i have BN too on my right chest and a small portion of my left waist. I am thinking of getting a tatto over my BN very soon in the near future. I would be glad if anyone of u have done so far, please post your before and after pictures. Specially Warren ,Ball and other mates who has done it. Thanks and keep posting

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Hello, I have been here reading this article several times and thought my post might help some that are still wondering.
I hate my BN. Not too big but ugly. There was hair growing out of it not too thick but was the most ugly part of the BN. I decided to go for laser hair removal, I am not sure if the place I went to was terrible or that the laser is not the best option for hair removal on BN. Anyways, I went through 6 sessions and it burns like hell. In the pictures I am posting the white dots are actually laser burns, it reduced the hair, but it made my BN look even worse, that is when I made my mind to cover it with a tattoo. In my personal experience I wouldn’t recommend the laser hair removal, expensive, painful, no good results, and hair is growing back thicker with time.

I worried that tattoo artists might say No to tattooing on BN, but it wasn’t a problem at all, the only thing is that you can’t be really picky when it is a cover up tattoo. I gave the tattoo artist the freedom to use any color necessary to make it good and cover it well. I am happy with the results.

For you guys out there wondering it is your choice, if you are fine with it then leave it alone, if you are not then the only easy fix is a tattoo. I am in my mid thirties and finally made up my mind.
My best advice is to choose the right tattoo and a good tattoo artist because they will have to work with multi color skin. Then make sure your happy with the tattoo size and position before you start.

Some of my friends said

my tattoo is too big for their taste, I like it, I would love if it was smaller, but It won’t cover the BN I would have to do multiple tattoos and who knows how they will turn out.

I am happy with it, wish I had done it sooner, but as they say, it is never too late.



Tattooed over my BN. I waited till I turned 40 years old to do it. And I’m so happy I did it. I know tattoos have their limitations but visually I feel there’s a big aesthetic improvement. I’m so happy looking at myself now when before I felt so sad and ashamed looking at myself.


Looks great, good choice.


Hi guys i have a relatively large BN which covers my knee all the way up to my waistline (covers my entire thigh), furthermore it is hairy. I am open to all sorts of solutions be it skin coloured tattoo, a tattoo to cover it, can someone advise me on this? Im sick of hiding this

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Hi I have a NB and I did my tattoo 2 months ago

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Hi there, can you please share your picture? I am planning to get a tattoo and it’d be helpful to see for reference. Thanks in advance!

Will the pigment start growing over the tattooed part ?