This is new to me so be patient!

hello all, I am the mother of 4 beautiful children ranging in age from 18,16,11,and 6.
My youngest is c-acc,my husband and I feel very overwhelmed,frustrated and ill equipped to best parent our son,to be his advocate. We do not know where to turn for support,advice,suggestions etc. It seems as though much of our medical community has absolutely no clue!!
I guess what I am looking for is a support group of other parents dealing with the same,who can share their experiences with us. We were never informed of any possible delays or anything our son could have. So we have been going about this blindly so to speak.
I just knew our son was not developing in certain aspects at “age appropriate”, and was not getting the help I needed from the DR. So I fired her,after our son had 8 ear infections by the time he was 1 and was not talking, not that they really talk at that age but the do say a few simple words. He said nothing. I have a video I took of him at the park with his siblings, he is probaly about 15 months, he never said a word the whole time,didnt even really laugh. Upon watching this I new something was really wrong.
Ok I have gone on enough. Any responses,comments are welcome. We feel like we are floundering, and don’t know what to do sometimes. What is behavioral and what is acc.
Can anyone help us??

Hi I am Monica. I am new to the Careplace. I went throught the same thing you are going through with my daughter. She is now 10 years old. They said she not live past 10. YeaH RIGHT. sHE IS DOING SUPER RIGHT NOW. JUST BE PATIENT WITH YOUR SON’S PROBLEMS AND TAKE IT DAY by day because “yesterday is over and tomorrow isn’t here yet.” God is always there when you need someone to listen.

                                                   Take Care