Update on Auto Islet Transplant

Hey everyone glad to see everyone is back and communicating!! I am 7 weeks post op today from the Auto Islet Transplant surgery and everything is going good… I have to take the creon the rest of my life and If I don’t take enough when i eat I end up with cramps and diarrhea so there are still some bugs i have to work out on how many pills to take when eating! Doc said i could take up too 12 everytime I eat and right now I am up too 8…
I posted some pics from the first couple days… My face is very swollen in the pics but I will tell you it felt GREAT to eat mashed potateos and GRAVY and no PAIN!! I haven’t taken a pain pill is 3 weeks…

you look really good in your pictures ! just think what your body had gone through, so you really do not have any pancreatic pain? what a miracle.

do you ever feel like it could come on, i guess you went through this in hopes of healing the pancreatitis?

i hope and pray it works, please keep us posted and you are in my prayers

Thanks so much! I encourage ANYONE to have this surgery, even if your not happy about getting all these oragns out they are organs that are BAD that need to come out… you will feel better in the long run.
I went into surgery thinking this is going to fix me and I Had VERY high spirts that this will work,
They took my whole pancreas out, intestines, spleen and part of my stomach and reattached my intestines, He was going to take out part of my colon because of the LONG history I have of constipation but he looked at it and said it looked good so he said if he thinks he has to go back in he will later on. I haven’t had any pain. The most discomfort I’ve had is in my upper right side and its mild pain which I think it’s from where they removed my gallbladder and I am just now feeling the pain from that.
I had NO infections and NOTHING went wrong(knock on wood) when I was in the hospital and I was the 2nd fastest patient out home in 14 days!!

Bravo! Good for you!
Sending a hug!

oh girl, Godbless you! i am so happy for you, i had 80% of my pancrease removed coming up on 4 years april 7, and i have had no luck, pure hell most of the time, but i continue pushing and pushing myself as it has become a way of life so i celebrate you being pain free!!! heck, if one of us can get healed or much improvement that makes me happy ! you take good care of yourself, do not over do and just pamper yourself, you so geserve it my dear friend hang in there and keep posting !


Congrats!!! I went in for my 13th stent replacement on Wed. They took out the old one but couldn’t get the next one in. It seems that my stent had slipped. Now instead of one stricture I have two. They tried everything to get them open, but failed. Now they are talking surgery. I haven’t heard from a surgeon yet.

My question to you is, who did your surgery? Would appreciate any information that you can send me. You can email me at jvnichols@msn.com.

Thanks, Vonnie

You know the more stent placements you have the worse things get, right
Thats what the university of Indiana told me. I have only had 3 stents.
If you have to have surgery and nothing else is helping I would considering dr. sutherland and MN. thats who did my surgery and I haven’t had any trouble as you can see and you sound like a candidate they told me if nothing has worked and you have tried all options(i.e. stent placements,pancreas resting,gallbladder removal etc) then you are a candidate. who told you you have to have surgery

Ohio girl

Good to hear a positive outcome! Keep us posted on your recovery.
God Bless,


My doctor that does the stent placements is the one that said there is nothing else they can do for me and that I need to have surgery. I had my gall bladder removed 20 years ago. My problem is that I have two places in the pancratic duct that are twisted and they can’t get them open. I have had 12 stent placements in the last 2 years. It’s not working. So How do I get in touch with doctor Sutherland?


Just a quick fact about Dr. Sutherland - he has trained 90% of the surgeons who do the islet transplant procedure. You can find his contact information at http://www.minnesotaplc.com/index.aspx

Sorry I have been out of touch. I am doing great. Still no problems and I am going on 4 months since my stent removal. I did have to go to the doctor yesterday for a sinus infection and they couldn’t get a heart rate taken because it was racing!! I guess since I hadn’t been there in soooo long that I was a little nervous. And, I have lost 10 pounds since my pre op physical in August. How weird is that???

Since I have started eating normal foods again, I have lost weight. Very strange.

Be well…Going to Minneapolis changed my life! Just ask my mom and she will start crying!!


Oh my gosh!! Ohiogirl, I am so happy for you! hat a blessing you are doing so well! Now you can get on with life!

It is so nice to see all of you on here again! I have meissed you all.



What great news!!! I just love hearing wonderful things-

Hugs to you,

You are too pretty, I must say may GOD Bless you always.