What other foods can we eat?

Thanks for your reply! I haven’t been able to find a book or anything that outlines a meal plan. The thing that worries me the most is I don’t know how to get protein now. How much dairy or nuts can be eaten? I don’t eat onions and garlic, red meat, liver or egg yolks anymore. I’m skeptical about a lot of fruits and vegetables. I can’t believe apples and bananas are bad! What do you eat?

Martha, Thanks again for all the answers. That really helped! Do you know if brown rice is OK or only white?

From what I’ve read, white rice is safer. That suggestion reminds me of how white bread is safer than wheat bread.

…a list of foods ( it shows the choline level in many foods), so it’s a guide of what foods you should/shouldn’t eat, can be obtained by calling (888) 205-2311.

It’s the “Genetic and rare disease helpline”. Ask for the Trimethylaminuria “TMAU” diet pamphlet and they’ll mail it to you.

I haven’t seen the USDA list…

Yes, I saw the original airing on ABC, and I ordered the entire Medical Mysteries DVD. Thanks for sharing.

Is coffee OK? Also, what do you do to keep your house smelling OK?


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HI Martha,
I’m just jumping into this converastion.
When you say “safe” tomatoes, what do you mean? I am confused about tomatoes, they are mentioned with 2 quite different choline content in 2 different lists! According one ot them, they can be very high in choline!
Pasta made of durum wheat is also “bad” according to one of these lists!

Irin, by “safe” tomatoes I mean fresh, unprocessed ones that I cut and stew myself or canned tomotoes that do not have added garlic, soybean oil, etc. I have not noticed a personal problem with one tomato per day. If you feel suspicious of them, maybe removing the seeds from fresh tomatoes would help.

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Quote: “Quitters NEVER win. Winners NEVER quit!”
“There is no such thing as a FREE ride”(Rosa Parks)

*15 September 2007, I had a death in my family, my responses may be delayed. Thank you.

Hi Martha,
Thanks! I also use fresh tomatoes, they are best! I put a few slices in my salat or I fry some slices together with my egg whites.
I have been on diet for only about three months, so I cannot say yet what is or is not working for me, that’s why all my questions :slight_smile:

Dr. StillStanding,
How are you, are you OK?

My sympathy on the death in your family.

I am doing okay. I just had a death in my family yesterday, so I am dealing with that. It’s always something. :frowning:


Thank you; you are right. Joyce

is it the same list as the USDA chart?

I don’t restrict my selection of fruits. I eat pineapple, peaches, pears, mango, papaya, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, watermelon, oranges, grapefruit, an occasional apple, and an occasional banana. I eat most veggies except beans, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and asparagus. I stay away from all nuts, chocolate, anything containing egg yolk, anything made with soy and soy lechitin, and too much sugary sweets.

I’ve found commercial bagels, sliced bread, pasta, spaghetti sauce, and some other foods made without egg yolk and soy stuff in regular grocery stores.

For breakfast, I’ll eat a “special” plain bagel and fruit. For lunch I’ll have a salad or veggie only wrap with plain potato chips fried in safflower oil and water. For a snack I’ll sometimes eat gummy bears made without soy stuff. For dinner I’ll sometimes eat yolk-free pasta with safe pasta sauce or with safe stewed tomatoes. On weekends, I’ll make my own safe pancakes, fry squash and a little onion, make my own veggie sub or sandwich, eat plain white rice with stewed tomatoes, eat yolk-free pasta with fried squash, etc.

Eating several small meals is better than eat a couple of big meals.

Drinking more than 8 servings of plain water is a helpful practice as well.

Can we eat fruits? if yes than specific food is allowed?

Some TMAU sufferers have it way worse than others from what I read on forums. I think I am one of the unlucky ones because I can’t eat anything without it effecting my smell. Even when fasting on water I will smell horrid. I’ve tried everything, but have remained a strict vegan for over 20 years.

The foods just change the smell from bad to worse and yoyo in intensity depending on the time of month or day. The “bad” list that they say to avoid, like cruciferous veggies, soy, etc will make my smell sulfuric, rotting egg like, and then the “good list”, like cucumber, salad, etc will make me smell like rotting vegetables, or urine, rotting trash or a dead animal.

Sometimes a combination, and I’ve heard everything from burnt rubber, to ammonia so strong it burns peoples eyes, to literally a dead rotting corpse with the “good” list, or fasting on water lol. Experiment and see what the reactions are. That’s all you can do. I’ve had the best luck with white rice, and water, and maybe a piece of cucumber, but it still effects people to an extreme level from what I have seen.

I hope you have it easier.