13 weeks pregnant and my baby has anencephaly

Hi! I have endured 5 miscarriages over the past 4 years and have two healthy daughters. I am 13 weeks pregnant and just found out the devastating news that our baby has anencephaly (no skull bone and brain tissue floating in the amniotic fluid). I have a termination booked for 3 days time but unsure if this is the right decision.

I am a mess and cannot stop crying. I would like to hear from others in similar situations and how they came to make their decision. Also, any coping strategies to get through this horrible time?

Thank you.

hey there im all new at this but last month on the 17th on august i find out that my little girl has anencephaly and i no its had trust me but i did all my reseach and spoke to my doctors and the thing is there is noting we can do, me and my other half made the decision to terminat , if you choces to go full term ur baby could past away in ur belly or die up to a 10mins after giving birth


I am so sorry to hear about your precious baby. I have been in your shoes and it’s an awful feeling! I wish there was something magical I could tell you to help make everything better but there’s not. The best advice I have is to tell you to enjoy your baby at this moment inside you. There is no right decision. The only thing that helps is time. I wanted to carry to full term and try to donate my angels organs but found that I couldn’t. I terminated my pregnancy at 24 weeks and it was such a hard decision. Just rely on the ones you love to help you through. I also found that becoming stronger in my faith has helped. I wish you the best!


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I am SO sorry that you are experiencing this- it’s truly tormenting and so =
SAD- I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! I too struggled with what to do- what =
a nightmare debating God’s will or ours… we went through with the inducti=
on at 20weeks- it was the right thing- I couldn’t fathom having him move in=
side of me until the end of the preg, just becoming more attached to him…=
I can’t tell you if it’s the right decision for you, but it was for us and=
I have no regrets about it, just sadness, yet it’s a sadness I was able to=
store away instead of being so raw and upfront all the time. I came upon a=
great book about making this decision- there aren’t many out there at all,=
so I felt fortunate to find this and it made me feel better abt my decisio=
n too… I just went to look for it and can’t find it… try googling induc=
ed pregnancies and deciding what to do- I think that’s how I found it…I’=
m SO sorry you’re going through this- I wouldn’t wish this on
anyone… there’s just no word for a parent losing their baby and no one r=
eally gets the pain but one who has been down that road… keep your faith-=
it was my rock…

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