24 hour a day headache

I have a constant headache and have had it for 10 years, no one can find a reason. I take tylenol every 4 hours round the clock. Does anyone else have this type of headache?

Has the Doctor discussed rebound headaches with you? have you been to a neurologist? What about a headache clinic. At one point I had to stop all meds, it was painful, but this allowed the rebound to settle and the neurologist could see what was causing what.
I wonder too, what other meds you are taking. One of them could have an untypical side effect of causing headaches.
Jaws and teeth can be a place to look.

Often it is a combination that’s ideal to you and your body needs. I think nutrition always needs to be looked at too.
And of course this is all according to the “Book Of tm2tRiver” which hasn’t been printed yet! SMILE and chuckle

I work with a computer and stare at a monitor 10 - 12 hours a day. I felt light headed and a migraine headache 24/7. This last for one year. I went to 9 neurologist and they could not help. I finally found one that gave me Keppra and Elivel and my migraine went away and also the lightheaded feeling. I am now cutting back on the pills. I found that TV, flourescent light, monitors, car lights, and street lights caused my problem. There is alot of people out there with this problem who look at a monitor all day.

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Thank you for your help. I have done all the things you said and nothing helps. I have not heard of the rebound headache, I wil ask my doctor. I don’t know how I could be without tylenol. I hope you are doing ok.

I understand about the computer, it can be hard on the eyes which is part of the head. I am glad you got some help.

This does not happen immediately. You have to build up to 75mg of Elival at night plus 2000mg of Keppra. In the morning you build up to 2000mg of Keppra and Imipramine 40mg (This is the same as Elival but no drowsy feeling).
It took me about four months. My migraine and light head feeling disappeared.

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Do you only take tylenol for the headaches? I take excedrine migraine because I don’t know what else to take. I don’t know if it would help at all. I have migraines 2 - 3 times a month and I have to have that to help. If you can talk to your Dr. about the medications the others were talking about that would be even BETTER. Good luck with getting rid of your headache they are not fun at all.

I have chronic tension headaches and I get migraines as well.

I too have a headache every day. The tension headaches seem to be helped some by muscle relaxers. By relaxing the neck mucles (where a lot of the tension comes from) it can help reduce the pain. I also take Topomax on a daily basis to help with the migraines and I use Maxalt (somewhat similar to Imatrex) when I am getting a migraine.

A few other things. Do you clench your teeth a lot? Do you grind your teeth at night? Those can both lead to headaches. The night time problems can be helped by using a night guard (which most insurences wont pay for) but now they sell over the counter ones that aren’t to expensive and for the cheapest of all you can use a wrestling or football mouthguard at night to stop the clenching and teeth grinding.
During the day I notice occasionally that when I consentrate hard I clench my teeth. I have to make myself a consious effort to relax my jaw muscles and then I do notice a difference in the tension and pain in my head.

One last thought. TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint syndrome). Do your jaws “click” or “pop”? Do they hurt? Do you have difficulty opening or closing your mouth some times? TMJ can also cause headaches. TMJ, however, is usually diagnosed by a dentist rather than a doctor!

Hope you find something that works for you.

please go to upcspine.com

this will help!

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Thanks for all the input. I have tried all those things and no luck with any. I stick with the tylenol because at least I can get 3 hours of relief. I feel for all of you with headaches!!!

I have headaches everyday too. Most of the time they are migrane headaches where it hurts with ANY light and sound. I get those alot. Sometimes I have cluster headaches too. That’s when you get multiple headaches a day- each lasting for a while. I’ve only had a tension headache once.

I tried taking Excedrin Migrane for them but they don’t work on my migranes lol. I take Excedrin Tension Headache for my migranes. Even though my neck and shoulders are fine. Imatrex helps too.

I’ve been to alot of doctors and they don’t help worth much. I’ve tried to search on the internet for some tips. Exercise is supposed to help. I exercise everyday…and it doesn’t help me. Eating right…I do that too. And sleeping good…I sleep constantly in class so.

I really hate headaches. They make me mad lol

I agree Mary Rose, I hate them too. We will keep hoping for each other to someday find something.

I suffered from daily headaches for most of the last 4 years. I still suffer from migraines at least once a week. 4 years ago I moved into a new house - just had it built. This was when my daily headaches began. Here’s what I have learned since then:

  1. I was taking an over the counter migraine medication like excedrin migraine. My liver tests came back abnormal about a year later. Longterm use of some types of medications can damage your liver. You might want to check into this regarding your medication.

  2. My headaches/migraines pattern changed when I left my house. When I stayed with my mother for 5 months, my migraines followed my cycle. Thus, we determined that I have migraines caused by hormonal changes. Go away and see if your headaches go away. Keep a diary and see if there is a pattern.

  3. A few months ago I found out that I had fibroid tumors and the medical community believes fibroid tumors cause hormonal migraines. I just had a 17x15x15 cm fibroid tumor removed. I still get migraines but surgery was only 4 weeks ago so I have not been able to determine a pattern. See an ob/gyn - for the ladies.

  4. Last summer, my brother found a 12 foot wall of mold in my basement underneath the deck. It was determined that the builder did not install the flashing correctly where the deck met the house. As a result, water accumulated behind the siding and allowed mold to grow for 3.5 yrs. As soon as the mold was removed, my daily headaches/ migraines ceased. You may have an air quality problem in your house. I purchased a medium sized hepa filter unit from Walmart for $100 and keep it running 24/7. It is well worth the money. Hepa is the best. Don’t use the ionizers - bad for the lungs. UV-C is good - kills germ, mold spores, etc.

  5. When I was in the hospital 4 weeks ago, I woke up from surgery the following morning with a migraine headache - despite the morphine. The next morning, I still had a migraine headache. The hospital sent in a specialist who did “soft tissue manipulation”. He was an osteopath doctor. This is a lot like a massage and medicare pays for it! I got a referral so I could continue “massages” outside of the hospital. Try massage therapy.

  6. Massage, heat or muscle relaxers help me. My migraines appear to be caused by any pain - eye strain, pain from my degenerative disc, even a normal headache will turn into a migraine. Try moist heat. Put rice in a sock (a clean one), tie the end of the sock, heat it in the microwave for 15 seconds or so and then wrap it around the back of your neck.

  7. I believe OSHA recommends relief from computer use for 15 minutes per hour. Check into that. Every employer is supposed to follow these recommendations. Make sure you have an ergonomic workspace too. If not, ask for it. Lots of stuff on the web about this.

  8. Find your triggers. Keep a journal. That’s how I found out I was having migraines that followed my monthly cycle when I was at my mother’s house.

  9. Check your house for mold, mildew or other airborne contaminates. You can have an air quality test done by an air quality management company.

  10. See a chiropractor and exercise. You may have a pinched nerve. A chiropractor may want you to come back 2 or 3 times a week. Don’t do this. Go once, get manipulated or have the chiro use an actuator instead of manipulation. The actuator, like the soft tissue manipulation, triggers the nerves along the spinal column. If you find out, like I did many years ago, that your spine is curved or you will need extensive therapy, do the exercises! I did the exercises, then joined a gym to build muscle in my back. It took 3 or 4 years, but all of my back pain went away and I have been able to keep it from coming back… except for the bad disc at the bottom of my spine.

  11. I just found out, after my surgery, that if I drink lots of water and take ibuprofen every 4 hours that I don’t get migraines. I may have some type of inflammatory process causing my migraines? Try drinking lots of fluids and if you have joint pain, you may also have inflammation in your spine. If you’re not sure, I saw a rheumatologist and they usually check my SED rate. I need to see rheumatologist again to see if I have chronic inflammation and get better drugs than ibuprofen. Perhaps this will control my migraines?

If I learn more, I will post again!

ohhh wow i have had a migrane last 3 days but thats it and it really sucks.


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To the person who uses Tylenol and it works, that’s great! It does absolutely NOTHING for me. Excedrine Migraine I swear by, and the only other drug is Immitrex, Zomeg, or other sister drugs, other than that, it’s a blinkedy blink!