7 Year Old Not Yet Diagnosed Enough to Pursue?

Hello, I just found this group last night and hope I can get some info straight from those that have been diagnosed with DI! Our 7 year old daughter, out of the blue last December started having to go to the bathroom at least once per hour. She drinks and voids about 64 ounces per 24 hours, and goes to the bathroom about 20 times per 24 hours. (weights 68 pounds.) Her 2 urine samples came back with specific gravity one under 1.005 and one at 1.015. One pediatrician recommended water restriction (before we found out about di) to 32 oz. in 24 hours, but the urination pattern didn’t change so we resumed to let her drink as needed. She also has acquired a constant slight headache. We have seen 5 docs since December and just found out about DI but there’s a lot of resistance to diagnose. (Though we can get all the antidepressants we could ever want!) Do we have enough info to pursue the diagnosis? Thanks for any input! Snows.
(Has had full workup by a worthless ped urologist, CT scan of head which was negative and just had first bloodwork done yesterday, we asked if sodium and potassium were included and they were.)

I would make an appointment with an endocrinologist for a diagnosis. I feel that’s the only doctor who can help you.

good luck

I agree, you have seen 5 docs for 5 months, the endocrine people can help you. No matter how much resistance you have to diagnose, my personal experience says, it really worth doing. Sorry to say…. having diagnosed, confirmed, and then got treated is like having another life to live. I was untreated for sometime… it was hard. Headache, shaking, trembling, confused, and nausea are some of the symptoms for untreated DI.

That sounds a lot like DI to me. Sounds like what I did when I came out of surgery. Wouldn’t hurt to check it out. Keep us posted.