A list I've started helpme add to it


someof these are mine but IU have had others add to it, i hope it helps all of you please email me to help add anything to it.
Thanks Rick

Massages. Good ones from a massage therapist.

Cold ice pack on neck, shoulders, back of head

find a good pillow Tempurpedic makes a good one(ive heard) I have a water pillow about 50 bucks but worth it

Good shoes with good supports, I’m trying the memory foam inserts now --not sure if i like them yet

wide angle mirrors for your car so you dont have to turn your head as much

drink lots of water

dont get constipated straining is hard on us

relax–meditate–i like a cold towel over my eyes and head

I have the little ear plugs for construction or shooting that roll up when my headache gets bad they block out the background noise from everything but if someone talks in the room it still usually wakes me up—i bought a blindfold at the pharmacy for the same times add the ice pack and cold towel and a couple vicodin or oxycontin and I’m as happy as i can be with the bad headache.

open your mouth when you relax don’t clinch your teeth

long deep breaths in thru your nose out thru your mouth–i never realized how much i hold my breath before.

I’ve noticed sitting with good posture and if possible, not sitting in a room thats too bright.