A new GW Committee


So anytime now a New Taskforce on GW illness will be created.
Isthis 17 years too late ?
Are there currently problems with
Claims - rating



please keep me posted… i have begun to just stop going to doctors all
together… its so tiring and frustrating… ive begun to lose hope. thanks

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It has been 17 years, I feel older than my age.
Pain is a big part. What are your sympthons?


well, i pat you on the shoulder for putting up with this for 17 years!! MY
symptoms have only started after my redeployment back home after the
2003-2004 iraq war… my team and myself were feeling symptoms of exhaustion
by the end of our deployment, but we thought that was going to get better
while having some “down” time at home. our return SRP noted that we were
exposed to DU AND OC but never looked into. but as time has gone by, new
things medically keep popping up, i deployed to iraq again in 2006 and was
sent to Germany for nerve problems in hands…did some therapy and EMGs but
could never truly identify nerve damage location (could have been from IEDS
creating TBI maybe?? might explain the memory problems…?) but to date my
symptoms include severe fatigue and nausea that come at anytime and very
often with sudden breakouts of per fuse sweating, joint/muscle aches (tested
positive for Lupus SLE once but follow up blood test have been within normal
range or so im told, the second doctors opinion suggests i have
fibromialgia, stomach is often sore ,IBS with bood often, bladder is week
and have had sever pain in kidney areas been to the emergancy room multiple
times thinking i had stones, trouble breathing when exercising, running
would be near impossible, even though i was an athlete, blood work showed a
fatty liver so i had an ultra sound of my organs about 5 months ago that
showed enlarged liver, (borderline kidney, spleen, pancreas) high bp, hearig
loss ringing in ears, very irritable moods, but the severe memory loss and
slow thought are among the worst to deal with… this all make a bad
cocktail for depression… the depression in my case has come AFTER
medical care has passed me along from one door to another with no
suggested ideas or resolutions.

well, im sure i have missed some things, but this is the basic everyday
thing… i was medically retired in june 2007 at 40 percent and receive 80
percent from VA… i didnt want to collect ssdi not even if i had to, not
sure i would be able to, and noone is looking to hire someone broken… so i
lied to get a job i dont know if im going to be able to continue. too

well hope youre doing as well as you are able. let me know, take care

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I am sorry tohear of your many aliments, 10% (thousands) will suffer as you. If I undersarnd you correctly the VA rated you 80%. May make a suggestion.

Save your energy job hunting at this time. You qualify for Voc Rehab, use it. Learn to fix something, anything you enjoy, get that training.
For the folks that have the skill to repair an item, can work on thier own pace and location of your chosing.

You will get an allowance wile you train.
Keep Fight the Good battle.



thank you, 'l take any advice, im really naive to the red tape and process
included with help out there…ive never asked for anything my entire life,
and now i just dont know how sometimes… :slight_smile: thanks for your time. i hope you
are doing well yourself. take care.

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The only thing I can suggest is that you tell your AF medical doctor that you would like to see if you can find a specialist yourself. If they agree, then check out the MAYO clinic’s. If needed make them put you on medical orders. I did?

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