About agenesis of corpus callosum

my baby was diagnosed with this, he’s now 1 year old and still doesn’t crawl, doesn’t seat up without support, doesn’t stands by himself at all. He only be on his back and turns over to his tummy… he also was born with imperforate anus but he had a total of 3 surgerys and this problem is already solved! thanx to God! his pediatrician says my baby will little by little recover strength and start on track on his developmental and phisical phases… but i’m still concern about the A of CC! i need more advice, opinions or just know more about how this affects my baby? for how long? is it going to be for all his life? if this diagnostic is the cause of all his 1 year old phases to be backed up?..

I would think with the three surgeries that it put him behind a little. My son had 2 surgeries, one when he was almost 2 days old and another when he was 6 months old, both incisions were in the belly, and it put him behind a tad. He didn’t sit up until he was 7 months, crawl until he was almost 11 months, and didn’t walk until he was almost 16 months. If you are really worried about it, you could talk to your Dr about getting him some kind of physical therapy that would help him do excercises to strengthen what needs it and to cox him to sit, crawl, and walk. Good luck with everything, and I hope your little one is doing well!