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Hello everyone, I want to thank all of you that have responded to the post on starting a camp. I would really like to put something together and I would like your input. What would be the best time for everyone? I thought about over summer break while the children are out of school. I would also like input on where we should have our first one. I only know where a few of you live. I have 2 in Indiana, 1 in Wisconson,1 in Seattle,1 in Philly and 1 in Kentucky. I still haven’t heard from some of you as to where you live. I thought maybe we could draw at our first camp to decide where our next one will be. I think it would be nice if we could take turn’s visiting each others cities. I am sure we can find lots of fun and exciting things for the children to do. I welcome any input anyone may have. Thank you, Carla

We’re here in the middle…Omaha, Nebraska…for now. May be headed to Seoul, Korea for two years…so we would love to get together with everyone before we leave.

would love for my son to be able to go to this however we live in CANADA… however we travel south lots so keep me posted on where the final decision is and you never know…

It looks like the east coast is winning so far

Not sure if you have me down…Nicki Venable (Fort Wayne, Indiana). My
husband and I are really excited about this!

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Im out here in the middle of Kansas :slight_smile: