Achalasia and Kidney disease?

Hiya I am new to this group, I have had Achalasia for 3.5 years. After I had the cardiomyotomy surgery and wrap almost 3 years ago, I started having problems with my kidneys. My consultant thinks it is some sort of inflammatory disease, but will not know for certain until I have a kidney biopsy. I was wondering if anyone else suffers from kidney problems aswel as Achalasia? I am also wondering is there any connection between the 2? Thanks

Let me know as I have kidney issues with achashia

Hey Kylie Ann what was the status on your kidney biopsy did they find anything,i’ve had Achalasia for 3 years now my lastest blood test showed elevated creatine 1.5, i did a 24-hour urine test my urine protein came back abnormal was diagnosed of having Proteinurea, the nephrologist says i have stage one chronic kidney disease trying to research if there is a link with this and achalasia as you know when you ask the doctor its always “Vincent i honestly don’t know”

Which kidney doctor you have recommended for kidney biopsy?