Acupuncture and Dercums Disease

I would like to hear the results of anyone whom has had acupuncture. I went on Saturday…when I say painful it doesn’t even cover it. She tried to put some in my right elbow where I have severe nerve pain in my ulner side. I layed there unable to move for 10 minutes before she came back in. I had tears streaming down my face and was horrified. She immediately removed it and doesn’t want to touch that spot. I just don’t know if the acupuncture is helping or if it is the medication that I am on. My doctor now has me up to 2400 mgs of neurontin everyday so I don’t know which is helping. I am definately getting some results for something. We just had Fay go through here. It poured so hard you could feel the air in the house immediately get cold. I wasn’t as bad as I normally would be. I appreciate any response to this. Acupuncture is somewhat expensive and if it is for naught I would love to know.

I haven’t had acupuncture since I have been diagnosed with DD, but I used to have it done for back pain, jaw pain, ect. when I thought I just had fibromyalgia. I actually did get good results from it and, since I don’t take any meds for pain, I can attribute the relief I got directly to the acupuncture. Your relief is probably from the combination of acupuncture and the drugs.