Addison's and DHEA

Do most addison’s patient take DHEA. What kind of symtoms do you have with low DHEA? What are the names of the test/ blood or saliva should I take.I hav e addison and hashimoto. Diagnosed a little over a year Still not doing well.

Mary Ellen

I do take cortef 25 -30mg daily. I was just wondering from looking at other posts if DHEA would be helpful. I was wanting to know what tests I would need to find out if I needed to take DHEA.

I have been on cortef and thyroid meds for about a year and and still feel pretty bad.

Mary Ellen

Have your DHEA"S tested it is a simple blood test. it is also a
precursor hormone. meaning it can /will turn into cortisol if needed to
be. mine was below 15 (undetectable) year ago it is now up to
27…still very very low. I take 25 mg a day. didn’t like the side
effects from taking 50mg a day. Just ask your dr. to test your dhea &
dhea’s. Hope this helps.

~~ Dannielle

Thank you. You might have to put that in layman’s terms. This stuff confuses the heck out of me.

Mary Ellen

Maybe you need your electrolytes tested. Many people with Addison’s disease take Florinef.


I have had my electrolytes checked and my endo says they are fine. So I don’t know what’s up with that … I know that most use florinef. I will talk to her about that. I am really scared of taking that so I will check with her.

Mary Ellen