Adults of legg Calve Perthes

How are you trying to experience less pain.? How do you keep your pain level low?

For me personally, the doctors have always prescribed Naproxen as an anti-inflamatory and Tramadol for pain. Those medications in combination have never really worked all that well. I am a medical marijuana user also, but honestly that also is pretty inefective against the deep inner throbbing of my hip joint. As I am ageing I have realized that the pain is bearable when Im active through the day, however it took some time to see the effectw of the pain when Im sleeping. It makes me loose alot of sleep to tossing and turning trying to get comfortable enough to get real sleep. As the yearas go by I am starting to experience this throbbing in the joint whenever I sit in any possition ande now I also cant sit still comfortably. I am constantly re-adjusting my possition trying to find one that will make the throbbing stop. I dont haqve good insurance (medi-cal) so the doctors rarely give any weight to the symptoms I describe. They just think I'm trying to B.S. them and get a better pain medication. Which I have never asked them for. Now I also have to take rantitidine as a antacid with the medications they prescribed. The generic version of Naprosen doesnt have a stomach buffer and I suspect over the years they have caused reflux for me as well. As soon as I take the naprosen I get terrible heartburn. So I just live with the pain and self medicate with alcohol and marijuana. I dont take the prescribed medications when I medicate that way though. Ive basically given up on finding a doctor who will actuaqlly do anything to improve my standard of living, at least from any welfare doctor. Someday maybe theyll replac4e the hip but I doubt I'll live to see the day. I nhonestly hope others with this condition have better luck at finding reasonable care for their pain. Best of luck to you.             John McD.