Adults who have acc

Just curious as to know if there are adults who have acc and have been discriminated in the work place or discriminated when it came to going to college.
I have acc and trying to finish up my CNA course but something happend on Monday that makes me fear that i wont get that piece of paper.

In the back of my mind, I am always worried about one thing or another.  When I was going to college, I was fearing failing my course.  At work, I am fearing of losing my job.

 Majority of the time, my fears are unwarranted.

 Is this an ACC thing or just a personality trait? I am not certain...

i can’t say that i have been discrimated against due to the Acc i found out about it when i was 24 so most people had known me for many years this includes my employer and i can honestly say that they do not look at me any differant from someone who would be considered"normal" they were interested and wanted to learn more about the Acc but that was it Now i have been discrimated against b/c i was pregnant but thats a whole differant story