Adults Woth D.W

It hard to find any info on adults who have DW and was not DX as a child here is a few links I have found. If anyone has any more please let me know.;jsessionid=Hp2QhlNyRyR0STQJ1WYvPRQGpP9WLnQT2q0mnjk352QhBDQhFWYN!!181195629!8091!-1

I have been diagnosed with DWV at 38,MRIPickedup a large Fossa Cryst am now 52 I had eye surgery at 5 since then I had no signs just keep getting fired for being to slow, and even had a police officer put me In jail thought I was on drugs husband pushed me away cause his friends all thought I was retarted and I couldn’t become friends with people because they avoide me like a plague, life’s been one big joke over here for me question is how many people like me find it hard to have a social life and get and keep a job? Please respond Curious in Oklahoma