Advice for sexually abused aspie teen

My husband and I recently learned our son has been sexually abused by a male, 15 yr old, distant relative for the past 5 years. DS didn’t tell us because he feared the contact would have to stop-he loves his cousin.
His therapist also told us DS hasn’t suffered from the abuse because he viewed it as something that feels nice and is a way to bond with his cousin. Because he felt this way, DS asked his only two friends if they wanted to do what he and his cousin do. Both boys individually consented.
Although we have a strong protection plan in place since this all came to light, DS was sexually inappropriate with a mentally challenged 15 yr old with a very low IQ. This time DS was covert and used this boy. He admitted it wasn’t done as a way of being close.
When DH and I spoke with the parents of all the boys, all stopped contact with us, including family members. We also have family members who have children and now won’t allow DS in their home any longer. DS doesn’t care. He’s been staying at home, enjoying his special interests and never talks about the situations. I am afraid to have boys his age here because I don’t know what he’s capable of doing. However, he already stuggles with finding friends. Does anyone know of resources for this situation or has anyone experienced this problem?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Kelley,

Im so sorry to hear all of this sad news. Sexual abuse happened in my family so I can empathize with your situation. I know that sexually abused children often abuse other chidren. So DS had to be affected by the abuse somehow.

There is a book called “Beyond Betrayal” by Richard B. Gartner Phd. He explains in the book exactly how DS probably has been affected by the abuse.

CARD (Centers for Autism and Related Disabilities) has groups for Aspergers and clinicians who may help you. The number is 1-800-9-AUTISM.

I hope this helps and I wish your family the best.