AIH Conference in Chicago 2008

Hi All!! Just a note for all those who may be new or who haven't heard about the conference to be held in chicago june 6-8, 2008. We have a website you can visit to learn more about it and to "pre-register" to get on the mailing list, for those of you interested in attending. This promises to be a chance to learn more about our disease, meet others with it, and to have some fun!! we are still early in the planning but things are rolling along quite well! We do have the American Liver Foundation parternering with us in this venture and I have been busy looking for funds to offset the costs of the conference and make it more affordable for you all. So, Keep me in your prayers that we get what we need in funding and that my health allows me to keep plugging along!!! The website address is  Check it out!!

Take Care All!!!

Alice Heimberger


AIH Conference Association Inc.

Thanks for your hard work. I’ll pray that you receive everything you need for the conference as well as good health along the way. Paula

timber60901 wrote:

The Website Address is not working.

I know that site has been taken down, they are working on another.

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I wish I would have known sooner, I would have gone for sure! Any way to sign up to receive newsletters/e-mails about future conferences so we don’t miss them?