All I do is drink and fight


I want to make this story short. Anyhow. I had ovarian and uterine cancer. I had a total hysterctomy. The ovearian tumor was the size of a softball and when they took it out it ruptured and all the stuff spilled out inside me. Other then that problem it was stage one and I didn’t need anyother treatment. 3 months later I went for my first checkup. It came back with an abnormal pap smear. What do you know! I had cervix cancer, different from the first but still. I had a laser treatment don’t and that’s suppose to be the end of that one. I am suppose to be lucky but I sure as heck don’t feel lucky.
since that I developed a drinking problem. All I do now is drink and fight. I hate everything and everybody. I really feel like I have a major problem. This is why I’m writing. Does anyone else feel this way?



Darlin’, PLEASE, PLEASE give up the drinking, because that ALONE will bring
your cancer back!! I drank too much for too many years, and it is SO hard on
your liver, which is a verrry important part of the functioning part of your

And all of the rage in fighting and hating will ALSO bring that cancer back.
Cancer is NOT simply a physical disease; it has many emotional components to
it, and you are posing a serious risk to yourself by engaging in both of these

You should feel very fortunate that your cancer was only Stage I, and be
highly respectful of how you treat your body from here on out. Believe me, you
don’t want to bring the cancer back at a worse Stage. Mine was 3C, just under
the worst at a Stage 4. I’ve totally changed my diet to a vegan diet, drink
plenty of fresh, clean water, exercise when I can, etc. But I’ve been to hell
and back with this stage cancer, feeling so bad I wanted to give up.

Please don’t give up on your life and let these behaviors take you over.
Find a local support group, a very good natural health practitioner and learn to
love the one God given body you’ll ever be given.

And please write anytime, should you feel you need the support. Surround
yourself with positive thinkers who wish you well,


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You’re not alone, I’m angry too & I’m trying to take apart my issues and deal with them. Ok, not anger, rage- I haven’t been so crabby since puberty (LOL). I hope I can get it together and follow jen’s example and come through this a little more gracefully than I have been- but my glass of wine at bedtime is hard to give up.



Hi Nanquz!!
I just finished treatment for my ovarian cancer, I find out Wed what is going on now, if anything. No one thought I had cancer, my CA125 was a 65 and all the Dr.s thought the tumor was too big for cancer. Anyway they did a bikini cut on me an tada, cancer on both ovaries, softball size on one and baseball on the other. One was seeping out when they opened me up and the other ruptured and spilled as they were removing it, ick. They weren’t able to stage me so I have had pretty aggressive treatment for the last 4 months, but thank God it is over.
Honestly no, I don’t have your problem with drinking and depression. I am not going to say any platitudes either, like God only gives you what you can handle etc. I will say the each day is new and right now you are numbing you fear with drinking, which creates a whole other problem. I am in my 40’s and thought I was in peri-menapuse so I ask my GYN for something for my moods. (I was mean and very short tempered with my family, totally different person at work) I was put on Lexapro before all this happened, but do NOT think I could have handled it as well without something to keep me even keeled. I still cry at times, but not for any of the bad reasons. I get teary when I think about how wonderful people have treated me, and how fortunate I am to have such a great family. I am not trying to be pollyanna, but when YOU say you have a problem, it is!! I say go straight to either your GYN or Oncologist and ask for something for your moods, it not fun to go through instant menapuse and be told you have cancer, twice!! Think aobut girl, you have been through some crap. Also when I said something about meds to my oncologist, he started with me about seeing a counselor, I am one!!! I knew what I needed and it wasn’t a discussion of why I am afraid. I needed medication and it has made the biggest difference, not just for me but for the whole family. I hope this helps!! sti85