All I do is want to sleep and not go out

I wake up every day, and I feel why am I here. I have no real close friends. I have Cronic Back Pain since 1979. I got hurt in the Coal Mines in Pa. 3operations and I am worse. I tried to work after that but pain always.takes over.1 strike
againstme. Then a few years back my father told me that he was dead to me, He told me that I didn’t hade the backbone Christgave a worm. That tore me up on top of everything . Then after 17 years my Wife left me. Then My Mother Died, the one who really cared aboutme. I have no friends, been hurt by them befire. So now I just stay at home all day with my cats, My best time of the day is whens
Iget to go to sleep

hello my name is Alice. i read about you in the forum. it sounds like you are in a deep depression. i use to be just like you. i would shut out the outside world. i felt safe in my bedroom. but all that changed for me. i went to counsel, and they gave me zoloft. it has really helped me. i have had so much tremor in my life. from the age of 3 until last year. but i told myself i wasn’t going to give in. i was going to raise above it all. and i did. i became strong. it sounds like you had a hard life also. but don’t let it get the best of you. because if it does you will never have the chance to become happy again. i was unhappy for years. my first husband beat me and controled me every day of my life. i didn’t know any better. i thought this was the way that men acted. he mentelly abused me. it took me a long time to get over that. but it took me 20 years to realize i can’t take this anymore. so i left him. my life became much happier than. i began to think for myself. and make my own decisions. than my mother got sick and died in 98. than my father got sick and died in 2005 as being the only child i than realized i was alone. i had no parents to talk to anymore. but as time went by i realized that they were suffering being alive. they were better off with our Lord. you have got to get up and get out and get some help. like i did. it took me a long time to realize that i needed help. but i got up one morning and told myself i am not going to live like this anymore. i am a happy person now. as for friends. well sometimes having one friend is better than having a whole bunch. i would love to be that friend. love Alice aka poetrylady415