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After four courses of chemo, my wife’s WBCs and Platelets are showing a problem. She achieved CR after the first course and has responded well up to now, but since completion of course four, her WBC and Platelets were sluggish but starting to come up. Now over the last few days have actually gone down. We are wondering if this is a relapse? What options do we start considering?

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Hi Pops,

If I’m not mistaken, each chemo protocol (course) is a bit more intense than the previous one. I do believe that it is normal for the blood count and platelets to drop. Has the doctor given her a Neulasta Shot to Help Boost the WBCs? I’m sure that they’ve thought about it and is doing everything possible that they can.

Keep Focus and Positive. I know that it a very hard and tough journey that you are taking and it’s even harder when it involves someone that you love. So stay “STRONG” and “KEEP YOUR SPIRITS” High Above the Clouds. Remember, Your Wife “FEEDS OFF” of Your Emotions.

I will keep you BOTh in my prayers.


It is normal for the counts and all that to go up and down, because the chemo is going to kill everything.

It will be like that then they will go up and then down again. it is nothing to worry about right now it is all normal to have that happen.

I have been dealing with it for 6 years now with my son so i am getting to almost as smart as the drs when it comes to all that…lol i did say almost right?? lol

Good luck to you and your family. Just keep a positive attitude and all will be ok.


I hope all went well for you guys.

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