Does anyone know or have experience with altitude for persons affected by Kartagener syndrome? I am planning a trip to the Grand Canyon in a few weeks and I am nervous about the effects that the altitude (8,000 - 9,000 ft) might have on me. Thanks!

I have been to the Grand Canyon and hiked all the way down and and up again. I did not notice any ill effects with the altitude. I think it will depend on your physical condition just remember to take plenty of water.


The pcd or ks doesnt effect me… my fear of heights does tho. :expressionless:

I have found that altitude will cause me to be a little more short of breath. I have a tendency to have more headache or sinus symptoms and symptoms similar to jet lag. Drinking lots of water would probably be the most helpful. Besides the fact that it’s a dry climate, keeping well hydrated helps the altitude effects and is good for our condition anyway.