Am i ok?

i am 23 and have a problem with alcohol. I am also bulimic. i have never written that down before and i just wanted to tell someone.

i feel a bit of a fraud as i have no ‘real’ problems; i have a good home with my husband who is lovely and supportive, i am doing well as a post-grad and i get on well with my family. but all the time there is something destructive inside me which has to be let out or im afraid ill go insane.

i drink way too much and cause the people around me pain, and i need to stop before there are no people around me.

thanks for reading this, i am too shy to try a face to face meeting so please dont judge me for not being at meetings yet.



Big step by reaching out here, mrstracey! THE ABUSE OF ALCOHOL IS A REAL PROBLEM! It damn near killed this alcoholic and robbed me of everything in my life that was good. Family, freinds, Jobs, Houses, vehicles, you name it. I agree with James, Find someone to talk to about your drinking. You do not have to loose everything in your life to think that you have a real problem. I to have been set free by the truth.

me… when i get tight i go to meetings… and to relax… i just relax… of course… i couldnt do this in early sobriety… i had to depend on others… and music can still be very relaxing for me…