Aml-kidneys, heart effects

my mom being 89 has been receiving Vidaza for her AML since this spring (07). According to her oncologist her cbc is normal and he has given her a 2 month break from this form of chemo and she hasn’t needed a transfusion either. However, she has become so weak as to be nearly bedridden and altho cognizant in the morning by mid day she is mentally in a fog and very sleepy. Her MD is planning on starting another 7 day course of Vidaza a week from tomorrow.
We as her family are thinking of seeing a cardiologist and not proceeding with the chemo. She has problems with fluid retention and chest congestion alternating with dehydration. Her BP is normal but her heart rate is irreg and seems to me she could use some home o2…just a guess.
Is anyone familiar with end stage AML? Her Dr. discreetly avoids talking plainly with us. It is all the more difficult as altho we her children have made many visits to give care and schedule services we all live hours away and my father at 90 isn’t up to the haggling that seems necessary w/ this dr.
I would appreciate reading anyone’s experience to better judge the time we have left and the appropriate medical proactive steps to be taken.