Anger from others

I have noticed that those around us, family & friends, get very angry with us about our drinking. And i can totally understand that they are hurting too. But is being an alcoholic not a disease? We don’t get mad at someone for getting cancer. So why is this the only disease people get mad at? I have lost many relationships with family members and am now feeling horrible about things. My mother is what bothers me the most. We used to be so close but ever since she saw what i was doing it has changed. We are distanced. No talking to each other. When we are in the same room it is small chit chat about my kids. I miss having a relationship with my mother. Especially since she has brought me through everything else in life. Could she just be worn out on her energy towards me? I guess i don’t have any real question. I just really needed to let it out. I got a call from her last night and all i could do after i got off was cry. She wasn’t mean, nor did she even bring up things about my drinking but it was just a convo that went something like this. " hello…Ash. How are you and the kids doing? ohh ok. glad to hear you are doing good. soo you go to AA meetings now. Well good for you. talk to you soon." click. I was heart broken. I would have thought she would be happy for me. but nothing. I am just so hurt right now. I just want to build up our relationship better then it was before. Be close to her and be able to share with her. I just don’t know how. :frowning:

well here is the thing… and of course, remember htat htis is how i feel about it… yes, we were under the influence, and maybe we couldnt control what we did precisely, but that doesnt change the fact of what a person did, they still have to answer and atone for it…