Blessings to you all… my daughter 9 has started with this alfull bad behavor at school and other places… Her anger started around 4 months ago… The school does not know or how to handle her any more !!! as for my self I’m at the end… with the grace of god, please can someone help me !!! I’M FALLING FAST…jojo321

It’s important to get the details on just what the anger is about. Anger just doesn’t emerge. It sounds like your daughter is getting sandwiched inbetween you and the school. It’s important to insure there is not an issue creating the situation. What’s going on at the school?

i have a hunch that she maybe have been or is still being Bullyed at school. i was horribly tormented and tortured by bullys in public school… and they wouldn’t do anything about it.

the best advice i ever got about children is that every child gets a cup of attention every day… if you give a half cup of positive attention,
they will fill it the rest of the way up with negative attention… and some kids cups are bigger than others.

you need to learn to see the trigger behaviors, what she does just before she goes over the emotional edge… then you defuse it by asking her hey what are you feeling right now lets sit down. once she gets into the adrenaline cycle, it is too late, she is swept away… you need to catch it and stop it… if you can figure out what it is, and and she may not know… you can work form there. the adrenaline tantrum is not only habitual but addictive…help her understand that you want to work with her to be happy and her anger is something she can learn to control… and ask her if she wants to learn to be happier… but not when she is mad… before an episode

simply sit down and ask her how she feels when she gets angery, ask her what is happening inside… when it happens… and share that you used to get angery and it is not fun and being happy is better and with some effort she can be happy too.

she may be reflecting you own anxiety, is this a tantrum…\

but if she is a little ‘different’ from other children they will bully her… especially if the school is lax to have a no tolerance bully policy… bullying is terrorism… if they touch her it is assault. i was a juvenile parole officer and our girls were 20 times more trouble than the boys… one girl there simply had Hypoglycemia and was having insulin swings that caused mood swings, and was Very violent… we removed the sugar and she had no more problems… try to notice if she reacts to food, especially sugar

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Dear Jojo321,

People with AS often have adverse reactions to food chemicals and additives. One of the affects of these reactions is anger and disruptive behaviour.

Have a look at the site below for more information.

Scroll down to find factsheets:

Just thought that this one looked kid-friendly:

Hope this helps. There is a lot of evidence supporting it.



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