Rose and I were talking about anxiety:

Anyone else having problems with this?

I am experiencing High blood pressure, especially on Doctor visit days and very acute panick attacks. I had Neuro-psyche testing and they found some mild congnative problems. I am resisting a diagnosis of depression, since I did not have depression before this and I don’t want to be put on anti-depressants. I do admit I have a great deal of anxiety. My Phycologist has suggested Zanex (tranquilizer) for really bad days. I have said okay to this and Lunesta to help me fall asleep at night.

Part of my anxiety comes from having to find baby sitters for all of these appointments. Having my kids go to all these people’s homes and the anxiety of taking them there, dropping them off and picking them up. It is exhausting. My Mom came to help for two weeks, but my sister-in-law broke her leg and my Mom is now taking care of her.