Another smoke flare

hello to anyone whos out there my names is fizzy ive written two messages and a few saw my flare go up, well iam sending another i doiont know that in my last message i offended anyone iam sorry if i did, i just wanted some questions anserwed thats all, ive self medicated in the past with my mood swings but that was when i really i know idea what was wrong with me, i did this with booze since the age of eleven but it took of at eighteen and so probably did my moods, i finally sobered up at the age of twenty-five and had to finally in the last year or so deal and manage my moods it was not till a psychologist told my last year i had bi- polar i had to wait to get on the waiting list to see her ! i do attend a group and yes some of the people seem to think getting sectioned is a badge of some sort ? but some how i still go back because where esle is there acept for this website, some one hope fully pick this up its getting pretty orrid out here - fizzy1

fizzy, i just sent you a private message (sunday around 9:15 pm) however, i just saw this flare that you sent and i’m not sure when you sent it…i hope you are doing ok and staying in touch with persons who will help you and i hope you consider me one of those persons. Please stay in touch and know that you are much appreciated. Don’t let this disorder get the best of you…you can lick it. hope to talk to you soon…luvlostregained

Hi. Thanks for your message. Things have become quite hectic and I may not be able to read my mail as often as I’d like. I hope to be back soon.


Hi fizzy I really hope that you are doing OK. Do you need to vent privately to someone? I would be more than happy to listen. Please take care of yourself. You are not alone.

I hope you got the answers to your questions. I have never been on just mood stablizers… But I do know that they always say to give meds a month or so for the total benifit. I always started to feel a difference in a week or so… Hope that helps some!

Hello to all in this community and especially to you Fizzy! For me, on any given day it’s a crapshoot whether or not I’ll be feeling so totally alone, anxious, and misunderstood or I’ll feel like I’m actually in control. For example, last night my sister called and I was feeling like I was in control and had some idea of how I wanted my life to be and then this morning I woke before my husband’s alarm went off felt really anxious and was hot. My husband felt my head and hands and so did my daughter and both acknowledged that I felt hot. I shuffled around a bit, sat on the edge of my bed tried breathing and centering techniques and wound up taking an anti-anxiety med. None of this makes any sense to me. How can I be feeling in control last night and wake up feeling freaked the next. I am so alone most of the day. Now I’m hearing how my daughter will be gone a major portion of the day during the summer and plans to stay over at friends on the way home on some of the days she works and have them sleep over here maybe on the weekends. I know I need to let her go and make her plans for work over the summer, etc. I’ve been told in addition to all my disorders that I have emptynest syndrome too. I guess I obsess over my daughter - it’s just so difficult for me - my whole world was wrapped around her activities. I set my work schedule up so that I could pick her up from school and take her to the rink. Sometimes I brought my work there so I could watch her progress with her skating. When she was little I was the brownie leader, took her to gymnastics and ballet, and yes skating too! She now has her car and job as a skating instructor, so between school, homework, and her job I get a few hours here and there. She also has a boyfriend who calls her cell phone constantly (and also the land line) and bothers her while she is doing her homework. I caught her once again during a critical homework assignment on the phone with him. My husband took her phone away until the following morning. Anyway, I really could use a group to meet with a couple times a week during the day but there are none to be found. (Unless I wanted to go back into the partial hospital program and that’s expensive). I am convinced that some of my problems are hormnal and so is my family and even my therapist. My gyn doesn’t want to touch me because I still have regular menses (even though I’m 51). I’m going to get down on my hands and knees and beg my psychiatrist this Thursday to order a blood workup to check my hormonal levels. Meanwhile writing to anyone out there who is reading this helps because I know you are trying to get through your problems too and we’re all holding each others’ hands here on this site and sending good thoughts to one another.