Knowing how much we all can go through moments of anxiety  I though it would be nice for some folks to share how they deal with it. You know those nights when your brain is like a tv without an off button. When tha days events race through and your thoughts, plans or fears of tomorrow just keep nudging you till you just feel like screaming. Perhaps your solution could help another. After all counting sheep can get to be a monotonous. And then when you lose count darn it you got to start alllll over!

Personally I think of my different friends and say a prayer for each and everyone. Doesn't mater if their having problems . Who couldn't use a prayer right, so thats what I do and before I know it my anxiety thoughts are blocked and replaced with prayers that I float off to sleep in.

What is your " Serta commercial " moment?

DRUGS!!!!  lol, no, am teasing.

 Most of the time, I can sleep, staying that way is another story.  An hour later, I can find myself bouncing off the walls.

 Have tried reading, watching TV, doing crossword puzzles, computer, just about anything.  What I have found that sort of works, is changing beds.  Going to the chesterfield, or guest room.  That only works sometimes though.

Hot cocoa is the other alternative. 

Medication only if I am totally exausted and have trouble functioning. 

I do know some people meditate, I have never had any luck with that.



 Funny you should ask this. As one who thought I was so in control for 12+ years being poz, I've been dealing with more anxiety and restlessness lately.

   For years my remedy has been beer from 6PM till bedtime but I've been trying to cut that back these days. Then there's Advil or Tylenol PM which also work for me but leave me foggy in the AM........

 Working out at the gym helps relax me but on the other hand has been sending my energy level though the roof.  I find myself wanting to run the streets like I was 18, even though I'm almost 53.  Yikes!

  My number one remedy for anxiety and difficulty sleeping at night has been prayer, repeating comforting verses from scripture and just simply unloading all my cares onto the Lord.

  I repeat that I know God cares for me and is taking care of everything..and I repeat it until I believe it..and then I sleep just like a baby. It works.




amen to that Jorge

I’m confused and desperate right now. I’ve been in bed all day exhausted and hurting. I’m under stress at work and my heart pounds and just won’t calm down. I’m seeing a psychiatrist and I’m taking zanax which I think does nothing and ambien to sleep. But sleep is not resful. Lexapro seems to do nothing. I have to keep working to pay child support and bills but I feel like giving up. I recently got HIV about 9 months ago. I let it happen because sometimes I’m self destructive. The doctor says a pounding heart and anxiety is not a direct symptom of HIV but the coincidence is so profound, that I think it is. Previously, I could always handle a lot of stess and relax and sleep. Now its like a nightmare. I feel like i’m on a sinking ship and cannot get off. Any help of just plain conversation would be appreciated. I’m not on any HIV medication because I tried and the side effects were so severe i could not live with it. I’m torn between wanting to live and wanting to die. I want to feel better or die. I hate feeling sick and depressed and trapped.