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will I have catheter after biopsie of tumor removal??

In my case I had a catherter in after my each time I underwent a TUR. Fter my first TUR I bled a lot and it was very painfull becuase I propablily did not drink enough water. The more water you drink the beter. The advatage if you have a catherter in is that you do not have to get up every time you have to go to the bathroom. Good luck. I hope all goes well with the biopsie and that the results are good.
May God bless you with HIS peace and calmness for the procedure.
May HE hold your hand and carry you through it all.


my husband didn’t but we had to take him to the er later to have one put in
so for his next 5 surgery we made then put it in and then I took them out
when the blood cleared up. Good luck

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I have had two turbc and had a catheter both times for 7 days… During 2nd catheter it became clogged with debris… very painful experience with urine leaking out around the catheter. I had to rush to emergency room to have it “backflushed”…just be alert for it… Catheters have very small openings and can clog… Happened on a Sat afternoon, but emergency room knew exactly how to handle it… Good luck…

i dont know your diagnosis or how far along you are but i can probably give you some tips and more on my experience. i had high grade tumors blocking my ureter and low grade thruout my bladder. i wish there would have been more info out there and people to talk about it to. the docs are usually vague and not a lot of help. please feel free to email me at this address:

My 1st TUR , the Dr. kept me overnight and flushed fluids through the bladder and I went home w/o a catheter. I had another TUR and had one in for 24 hrs and removed it. It depends, I believe on the amount of bleeding and possible tissue …I would tell the Dr. you want to avoid this is at all possible. Good luck and God bless.

I have had the neobladder surgery and had a cath for a couple of weeks after. They gave me the equipment and showed me how to do the flush myself which worked pretty well.

After the cath was out and a few months later they needed to put it back in a few days after clearing out some scar tissue with a laser. I asked about flushing it and they said I wouldn’t need to do that - WRONG. Fortunately, I had a sealed bottle of medically sterile water (I use it to feed my water cooled computer) but didn’t have the plunge devise (like a bit hypo) to flush. I improvised with a turkey baster which worked until my wife could get to the med supply store. We retired the turkey baster.