Any moms have a problem dealing with sons BV? HELP

When my son was about 8 he developed a hard lumpy spot on his upper right shoulder. I took him to the doctor and he said it wasn’t anything to worry about. When he began puberty I was horrified that this spot was growing hair inside. He is now 16 and it still bothers me. I am constantly shaving the area and I am worried he will be teased in sports. He doesn’t even know what it looks like because they way its positioned he cannot see it. My son is also hairy. He developed full body hair around 7th grade. He was the first in his class to hit puberty. I was wondering if this is common among men that have BN? He also has alot of hair on his upper arms. I am constantly wanting to shave him. I personally wasn’t attracted to hairy men and find myself with a son that is hairy. I find myself obsessed wanting to shave him. I need to get over this.
Oh, his BN has never darkened it is just hairy. Is that normal or all BN dark?

I am a mom, but it is my daughter who has the nevus that covers her right
shoulder. She is a ballet dancer, so yes, it is a very visible area. If
the nevus skin is light and the hair is dark, there should be enough
contrast to hit it with a hair removal laser. It won’t work if the
underlying skin is dark. Yes, it is PAINful…but hey, who cares? Lots of
men get their entire back and shoulder area lasered. But that should be his
choice, not yours. It will cost from 4,000-6,000 dollars, but it is
permanent. I am getting my daughter evaluated as soon as school is over
this year. I think that the BN is less of a problem for men than it is for
women, in general…so just be open and supportive and maybe take him for
an appointment with a dermatologist.
Good luck…

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Thank you for your response. I feel better already just putting my feelings out there. I feel for your daughter. I know that has to be very hard for her. As her mother I know it is painful for you as well. If you are like me, I take on the pain of my child and tend to want to fix things and protect. The amount to have the hair removed is so expensive! I know it will be worth it for your daughter. She has the rest of her wonderful life ahead of her. It will be such a relief for her not to worry about this. I can’t imagine having a daughter with this. My best to you! Let me know how the consultation turns out.