Any smokers?


Do any of you smoke or did you ever smoke?


Sorry to say I am still smoking trying to quit…The new pill makes e throw up (Chantix) and allergic to patch and other pill. I am thinking of hypnotizm next Smoked since i was 18 60 now but still waste alot of my cigs and hate the taste and smell ??? I need the distraction from my pain I think and am anxious personality alot I guess.


No i dont smoke. I grew up with smoking parents and hated the smoke back then. I did try it but just threw up everytime i took a drag.


Yes i used to be on about 30 a day gave up 10 yrs ago that’s when i started piling on the weight as well as the steroids



I tried it as a kid but never really became a smoker. Always gave me a bad headache. I would hate to think of all the other problems I could have if I smoked too. My body is complicated enough from all the medications.



I’m a smoker, in the process of quitting. Honey, let me tell you… GET OFF CHANTIX!!! That stuff is REALLY BAD!!! It can cause psychotic episodes, PCP type hallucinations, horrific nightmares that can occur even when you’re just daydreaming, seizures and several people have committed suicide. I’m not a Dr. but honey, there’s several lawsuits against the company that manufactures Chantix… it’s BAD, BAD, BAD!!! I just don’t want to see anyone hurt by that, enough people have had those things happen, wouldn’t want 1 more… especially a fellow sufferer! We have enough to deal with!! But I wish you well in your endevour of quitting… I feel ya!! Hugs!!!


Hi Sylvia:

Sorry I couldn’t get to the computer to check my emails until today. When you have little ones in the house at our age, it just wears me out but I love them so much and they are so entertaining!

Yes, I smoke. About a pack a day since I was 14 y/o and I’ll be 49 on 7/29,