Anyone have blood levels go critical?

I have recently started having problems with my blood levels.
My potassium and Iron, Vit B12. B6 and others keep dropping to critical levels and I have t keep going to the hospital for IV’s.
I feel so tired, even more then usual, that I sleepall the time and have no energy to do much until I go back formore IV’s. Anyone else have this?
Hugs to all,

I have all 3…
Iron I had all my life.
If one has problems with B12 one has usually with all B-vitamins.

Potassium comes and goes. I have celiac disease and
have difficulties to get minerals and vitamis of my food and
CD triggers rheumatic diseases.

You do not have any stomack problems?


No Jan,

This is something I have not experienced. Is there something going on besides the DD?


I have problems with Potassium (when its low I get severe leg cramps) and a lot of stomach problems including IBD…I dont know about any other problems with my blood.