Anyone try Lyrica yet?

Hello everyone, Has anyone tried Lyrica yet for Fibromyalgia? If you have tried it did it make your Chronic Fatigue worse?? And were there any benefits? My doctor wants me to try it and I am suppose to start on Thursday. I am concerned because I know someone that was in the clinical trials and after nine months was called at 10pm at night told to stop taking it immediately. It caused many terrible side affects. I took Neurontin for over a year and had every side affect possible towards the end of the year, so I had to stop.

Dear lilbit,

I took Lyrica for about 1 month. I puffed up like a balloon! Tons of water
retention. It did make me less tired than nuerontin, but I guess it is known
for weight gain/water retention, and my doctor never mentioned it. My
girlfriend takes it and loves it with no weight problems! Confusing. I guess
you could try it short term, and get off it if you need to?


Good heavens, I wrote a big long answer and sent it via email from my inbox. I see it doesn’t work that way.

Sigh. I can’t retype all that – lucky you, it was long! The upshot is, I still carry a diagnosis of CFS even though I’ve always been suspicious I had spinal cord deterioration from the low B12. I’ve taken B12 shots once a month ever since 1995, but my neurologist at the time felt it was unrelated–pfftt. My clincial picture was perfect, my B12 was low, but my nerve conduction studies were normal.

I tried Lyrica last week, at a very cautious 50mg at bedtime. By the third day I worse, by the fourth day I was much worse so I quit it. It caused a brand new symptom of mild electrical discomfort in my fingers and palms when I grip something, along with dramatically increased joint pain and extreme fatigue. I slept about all day for day five and six even though I stopped Lyrica on day four. It’s been two weeks today and my hands still are weaker in grip strength with the electric numbess when I make a fist. My joints are still painful–hips, knees, wrists–which they never were before in these long 17 years. I’m still stiffer, sleepier, and have less energy than I have had for the last five years since starting dose Effexor.

I have taken Neurontin for a few years back in 1998 to about 2000. I never had any side effects from it, but I didn’t really think it helped much, either. I still have been taking one at bedtime on the rare occasion I felt too uncomfortable and felt too much muscle tension to get to sleep. I’ve thought it was probably a placebo effect, which didn’t bother me at all, as I’ll take any good effect! Now, after the Lyrica whacking me down for so long I wonder.

I simply urge caution.

I took the Lyrica for about 2 mos for my Fibromyalgia and it did not help. After many other meds, my Rhemetologist sent me to Pain management. It wasnt an option I wanted to do, but glad I did. I am on low-dose oxcodone in the am and one in the afternoon “if needed”.


lilbit, I understand. I finally went to a pain management specialist. I
fought it for years, but really had no choice. I am now taking long acting
morphine (Avinza) Very little side effects, I don’t feel drugged up and
really controls pain. I know its not for everyone, but I was a wits end. I
think my pain specialist saved my life. Perhaps this is an option for you?

Is Lyrica for pain?
Just wondering.

I pray it works for you.
Lv & Hggles-Beauty

Yes, Lyrica, and nuerontin are similar meds. They both help work on pain receptors and are used for many types of nerve pain and some find it does help FMS pain.

Ok so I have been taking Lyrica every evening and now I am taking 2 in the evening 150mg. I am also taking predisone. I do not know which one has caused me to gain weight but my face is all puffy and my ankles and stomach has puffed up. I am also getting sharp stabbing pains down my left side, leg and foot. And not to mention a headache. I am going off of the Lyrica and the Predisone but the Rhumatologist said I have to do it slowly. So by mid December I should be off of them. I am sick and tired of taking so many drugs. NO I DON’T WANT TO BE IN EXCUCIATING PAIN ALL THE TIME AND SO EXHAUSTED but come on. I would rather live with some pain all of the time and energy once in awhile. It seems as though some doctors just want to medicate people. Now i am on medicatrion to lower my colesterol, pain, sleep ( can’t get any restorative sleep) muscle spasms, migranes, thyroid, hormones cymbalta prednisone

My name is Annette, and yes I took Lyrica with no help for my RSD. I have been on Neurontin for about 5 years and it never really helped. I just took it and prayed alot that it would help. I am at a loss as what to do next.

I have been on Lyrica for 6 months now…It has really helped me alot. I have been away from home for 4 nights and left it,I can really tell the difference…It was given to me for CFS.


I have been on the max dose for over a year now. It helps me a lot but if I am late taking a dose I can really feel it. I also have sick withdrawl symptoms.


Dear Tammy, I took Lyrica for nerve pain, does it really help your fatigue?
Pain? I am curious! Peg

I’m glad it works for you!

I am a nurse and give Lyrica to several of my residents. One of the side effects is severe edema/water retention. All of our residents on Lyrica are also on diuretics…some managing it more successfully than others.

I have not used it. I have not heard any other complaints about it but I do know it can make you really off the wall and lethargic if the dose is too high or used with other narcotics.

I have been on Lyrica for over a month now. I had been on Neurontin for almost 3 years. I cant believe what a difference the Lyrica has made. Unlike the Neurontin, I have had no side effects with the Lyrica. In fact I have been losing weight not gaining and I take it at night with Zanaflex and have had no lasting lethargy or sleepiness in the morning. I say that anyone who has tried everything like I have with fibromyalgia with no substantial result should at least give Lyrica a try.

I have been on Lyrica (300mg 2x a day) for about a year now. It helps a lot but…(there is always a but right???)

When I am late taking a dose of the Lyrica I feel horrible. I get tired, weak and the pain spikes horrible. If I could chose one medication that helped all my pain issues it would be Lyrica for sure.

For those who have been helped by Lyrica or Cymbalta, how have those meds. helped you? Thank you!!

I hope you have a pain-free 2008!!


I have taken both Cymbalta and Lyrica. Cymbalta did not work for me. I am still taking Lyrica and have noticed significant improvement in muscle pain and lethargy. I have had recent occurances of Potassium depletion but the doctors arent convinced it is the result of taking Lyrica. I also take Methotrexate and Orencia for RA and recently due to having a severe upper respiratory infection have had to stop taking those for a while. I have noticed that the Lyrica really doesnt help much with joint pain but when I have stopped the chemo for a while before it seemed to trigger a fibromyalgia flare up…taking Lyrica through this time has without a doubt helped stay any flare ups.

Neurotin did nothing form me and caused me to gain 55 pounds in three months…in addition I developed massive edema and couldn’t wear my shoes…