my youngest one is not a good eater at all, she eats two or three bites and she is done. is this normal because my other daughter eats all the time. do you have any tricks or secrets to try to get her to eat

With your 2 daughters, how severe is the CF? Do your daughters take pancreatic enzymes with food? I’m sure you already know that Pancreatic insufficiency is one of the major problems in people with CF, and it makes it difficult to eat/digest food without taking some. Plus, kids are picky eaters anyway. With CF patients though…it’s important for them to get nutrients anyway they can. Have you tried any of the nutrition bars, or protien bars? Kids think it’s like a candybar, and they like to eat them. There is this protien bar from “Special K”, and it’s really good. it IS like a candybar, except there is 10 grams of protien in each one. They come in a smaller size with 4 grams of protien, and if she just eats “2 bites and she’s done” then the 4 grams would be perfect for her.