Are there specialist?


Hi my son is a year old and has had the sling surgery just so he could see.It has been succesful, however they have told us he will need this as well as other kinds of surgery in the future. Can anyone tell me if there is a specialist in this field? I want to gain as much knowledge as I can, find all my options. I as all parents want only the best for my son with the least possible surgery & pain. What works & what doesn’t. Is there a doctor that just deals with blep?


Our little girls is 2.5 years with BPES and had surgery 3 mos. Ago. We took
her to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia with Dr. Katowitz. After a long
search for a surgeon he is the one we found to have the most experience with
BPES - seeing 1 child per week with BPES. We are very happy with the
results and will have to go back for 2 more procedures before she is six.
Best Wishes!

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Where are you? There are many wonderful doctors out there, but it depends
on which city (and country) you are living in to determine who you should


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