Are you oldest, youngest or middle child?

I’ve had this theory for a long time, that most of us with these emotional mental illnesss are middle children. For the most part anyway. If you could be so kind to let me know if im thinking right about this? So are you middle, youngest or oldest? I’m middle with two older sisters and one younger sister and two younger brothers. Many thanks.

i was the middle child until i was 15. my mom had a late life baby. i’m the only girl. my baby brother was spoiled by us when we were teenagers and he is the most wonderful person i know.

I’m the oldest in my family. My sister is three years younger and my brother is eight years younger.

I am the “baby” - my brothers are three and seven years older than me.

Dear Queen of hearts. Where am I ? My sister and I have been over this one before . I have an elder sister and a twin 25 minutes younger. ??? grandma nubu

Please accept my condolences on the passing of your brother.

Im the eldest child. Being eldest caused a ton of strain on me growing up… as i was expected to do a lot, to take care of three younger sisters from about the age of 10 myself (two of them babies) and also help my father on the farm right into the night. (my mother had had a nervous breakdown and was completely unable to care for my sisters for a while).

I am the oldest - I have to take care of everyone. I have always put everyone else’s needs before mine. My sister lives in my house in another city and I do not earn a penny from it - just the bad credit. She does pay rent but it is just in the amount of the mortgage. I have always taken care of Jamie and his kids even at the expense of my own credit. I much rather be the youngest - My parents handed my sister everything. I owe $50K in studentloans - they paid for my sisters college.

Ok I will stop complaining now.

I am the youngest child I have an older brother with no mental healh issues

I was the youngest and got a lot of attention, but not for long enough. My mom died when I was 7 and my dad at 16.
I think sometimes circumstance can cause depression in adult hood. Also genetics. I think my brothers suffer depression also but wont admit for fear of being “weak”.