what is asperger,s syndrome
is it treatable
my dahghter is having self injurious behaviour,she is seven years old

Aspergers Syndrome is high functioning autism, which means your child maybe
able to walk and talk like everybody else speach and walking start at a
normal time for age, there are a lot of social issues when it comes to
dealing with other people. For example a little boy said hello Alyssa, as
we were walking in the school building…Alyssa (my daughter attacked him and
started punching him I stopped it and asked her why she said because I don’t
know him and he said hello to me. another example Alyssa met her
pediatrician the pediatrician said hello to alyssa instead of saying hi to
the doctor she said you have yellow teeth, the doctor said well I drink
coffee that has probably stained them, alyssa stated yes and if you would
brush them too that would help too. A lot of children see that Alyssa is
different and she has been bullied and beaten up. Other behaviors that she
has had is obsessive behaviors everything is about dogs, the toys she wants,
the websites she wants to go to, the way her behaviors are she will put her
hands up like she has paws she will wiggle her bottom like she has a tail
and she will bite people. She is only interested in her topic (dogs) she
doesn’t do well with playing what others would like to play. She has ran in
front of cars on purpose waiting for them to drive up by her, she has her
others and showed no remorse whatsoever. She has bit people and my dogs
just because. She has climbed on top of my 3 story house and when I asked
her to come down so she doesn’t fall she said don’t worry mom I stick like
spider man and she believes it. She has been diagnosed with adhd/bipolor/
and autism…the one that is consistant and goes together with these
sympotms is Aspergers Syndrome it was very difficult to find the correct
diagnosis. Taking Alyssa around people who don’t understand what is wrong
is very difficult they are quick to think that she is just a brat and says
horrible things just to be mean and that the parents must be horrible.
people are very quick to judge. Alyssa also showed violent behaviors with
her older sister and us she has taken a metal baton to her sisters head
while she slept and told her dad and I when she grows up she is going to
kill us. these behaviors have lessoned since we have gotten IBI services.
There are also sensory issues around the mouth, nose, face, and ears… Loud
sounds, babies crying, and yelling drives her crazy unless it is her doing
the yelling. She will not eat pudding or jello because of the texture.
for breakfast if she has cold cereal she won’t add milk because it makes the
cold cereal a soft unfamilliar texture, basically the only things my
daughter will eat is pizza, spaghetti, peanut butter sandwhiches, and
hamburgers. I try to make her try new things but she can’t handle different
things. structure is huge in her life. If it isn’t structured then it
completely messes her up. She has a blanket she rubs across her mouth and
nose constantly and she will also rub the dog’s ear up against it…this
isn’t everything but it gives you and idea of some of the things that may or
may not be familliar with your child. All children with Aspergers Syndrome
are very different as for their obsessions, what they like and don’t like.
I hope this is helpfull. Jeri Lynn

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What is IBI services?