Attack while sleeping?

Yesterday morning I woke up around 4 am after a lovely vivid & adventurous dream. My chest and back muscles were sore, and I was coughing a lot. I am concerned I had an asthma attack during the night, but I have no way to tell for sure.

I experience sore chest muscles only occaisionally as a result of daytime attacks. Can the soreness and coughing indicate a nighttime attack?


Gee I am not sure myself… That is something that you should notifiy your doctor about… That sounds serious to me, If you have a video camera you could record your sleep patterns and see what happens… but your dr could send you to a sleep center where they could monitor you properly. That is something I would suggest that you look into at once…


if you are having some bad symptoms at night that is causing you to wake up with a sore chest and coughing it could be that you may have acid reflux from stomach into lungs this has been proven in england to be a cause for night time asthma, you might be able to relive some of this by diet change and anti acids morning and night.
perhaps you might want to buy over the counter first to see if it helps or perhaps get your doctor to do a reflux study to dedermine first you have nothing to lose, but maybe more comfartable nights to gain helen.

Thanks Helena, I have GERD but didn’t realize it could affect my asthma.